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  • Oh hello! I do have a, but I think I stopped scrobbling (if that's what it's called...) long ago. Latelyyyy I just like, favourite things on youtubez, heh. doublefeatureo is my username on there. sha sha sha!
    2 years. 2 years or more. where have u been. calendars? im done with those. i use astrology. perverse? what the? of course.
    Helloz. Im sorry i never replied to your messages on my page. I haven't been on in awhile. And now I feel like it's too late to respond lol.

    But I thought Id say hello. :) Maybe one of these days I'll catch ya on msn :P
    I've got no plans whatsoever lol. I mean there are tons of things I wish I could do but there not really possible to do at the moment. All of them mostly involve money and help from people... and I dont have either of those. I seriously need to get my license though, like this is getting ridiculous. I've been trying to get it for years now. But im actually still a bit nervous about being able to drive around on my own.. but at least i would be a little closer to becoming more independant. And I would like to go to college maybe, but my anxiety is really holding me back from signing up. I havent been in a classroom in years and im just really nervous about it. Plus I dont really have transportation. damn my life sucks! =(
    I'm glad to hear you had a freakin awesome new year and christmas lol. That's funny about the new years countdown though lol, I only realized it was a new year when my mom shouted at me from the livingroom "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" lol. So yeah I just stayed home in my room chatting. But it was ok, I'm not really into celebrating it.
    Christams sucked too, but the day before was really nice. My grandparents came up to visit and we had our honey ham dinner. It was good.

    And I've been ok I guess. Not much going on with me either sadly. Still no job or car or school... maybe this year will be more eventful than last. And yeah I do play facebook games a lot lol. It keeps me busy.

    And did you know that we have been on this site for more than 2 years! It really doesnt seem like its been that long since I joined.
    Hey hey, just thought id stop by and say hai. I dont talk to you much anymore =(

    How was your christmas and new year?
    oh, how I wish lol. I'm going into accounting which is kinda boring, but it seems like a good job for an introvert.
    thank you.. yeah I feel you on getting into photography. I used to want to be a filmmaker, but I had to come to the realization it was just a dream, sigh. But your work is really out of the box, you never know you could go somewhere with it. I wish you luck:)
    I've got one more semester at comm. college and then I'm on to a university, finally! ...I was just looking at some of the pics you've posted since I've been off here and that closeup one of the fly is effing amazing:) it looks like its straight out of national geographic
    hi.. yeah i've been pretty busy with school so i decided to take a break from the forum lol. how have you been?
    God bless photoshop! lol, they're great anyways, you are a gifted photographer.

    and thank you, take care :)
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