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  • Things are okay with me. I had a job interview a couple weeks ago that amounted to nothing, but it was good practice. The potential employed lied to me though...That pissed me off. "We'll be in touch", he said. I ended up having to call him back only to hear "We just filled the position today." What a coincidence.

    Anyways, stay away from filthy cider! :P
    Sounds familiar. I actually went to uni straight from college many moons ago, but it was crap and I didn't enjoy the subject. Now I owe 3k for the privilege! So i'd say make sure you'll get something in return from it. I have a vague direction (i've said this before heh), but I seem to be very good at dismissing things so i'm getting no where fast. Meh, it's all bollocks if you ask me!
    ..and I hate when people ask about it too. My lack of direction is embarassing.
    I noticed you said you can't decide what to do at uni or otherwise. That's been my situation for the last two years so I know how it sucks!
    Hey, you stll come here a lot lol

    That's weird. I'm on MSN but I don't see you... lemme try to find out what the problem is lol..
    I'm alright, thanks. Just ready for Winter to come to an end...

    How about yourself? What have you been up to?
    We moved to dalnet because it's in english :D it's a bit slower to connect though. don't worry if you come and say nothing...we have a few people that do that, it's cool :)

    I used to do **** all too....I admit I can be quite lazy too.
    Now I work, internet, sleep...interesting life eh ;)

    speak soon!
    Hey G, ltns...

    I'm not sure how many fingers you're holding up. Hopefully not a middle one though... ;p
    you're welcome. Things are alright thanks :) How about you? you should download chatzilla or mirc and come back to chat hehe
    yeah im ite. im guessing that means 'alright'. I hope so otherwise im gonna feel like an idiot lol
    Ah, hello there. Nothing new here, they are the same since I last was around, terrible in other words. The ircchat's not working for me now, though I'll figure it out.

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