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    And then depression kicks in

    Just when I think I've found a way to forget the joys of companionship, I break and feel an emptiness in my soul that tears everything apart again. I find socializing a living nightmare. I don't feel comfortable in my skin... why should I expect others to be drawn towards me? Totally hopeless...
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    Are our brains different?

    I like people and would love to connect with someone and get married, but I simply hate actually comunicating with people. It's so difficult and awkward and it never improves. Practice doesn't make perfect. Something must be different about our brains. Just trying to look someone in the eyes is...
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    Keeping your mind busy

    Through exercises I did with my old therapist, i notice the more I keep my mind busy, the less I worry and feel anxiety. I was starting to try that again today. Like, when I'm at a stoplight and I'm feeling self concious and think people are looking at me... I start reading license plates over...
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    What a pointless life

    Wake up go to work feel unconfident and awkward around everyone at work Can't wait to go home come home Depressed about being alone and not having a girlfriend go to sleep back to work hating socializing with people Not able to make friends with women gooooooo home and feel like crap repeat...
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    Getting to know people just seems impossible

    Ok, here we go again........ I'm a route person for a chip company and everytime I see this girl who works at one of the grocery stores I deliver to, I go crazy! I have a huge crush on her and would love to make friends with her, but I have no ability to develop a relationship. Granted, I only...
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    Depressed about weight gain

    I've always been pretty fit my whole life. I ate lots of junk food and never gained weight, but about 3 years ago things changed. I'd say I gained about 15 extra pounds. I'm 6'3 206. Not obese or anything, but it's depressing looking at myself in the mirror. I have a tiny belly, but the thing...
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    Pros and cons of Paxil

    Ever since I've started taking Paxil I've held a job for a year straight without any problems. Usually I get so nervous I quit after a few weeks. So that's cool, but I've also noticed it makes me feel blah about everything. I'm no longer happy watching tv or sports or just chilling. i can't get...
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    Is it too late for you?

    Anyone else feel like your confidence is so badly beaten that the odds of you ever becoming your old self again is near zero? I've had problems ever since I was 15 and now I'm 28 and worse. Between the ages of 16-18 I managed to get a few friends and sort of have fun, but I never really got...
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    So little confidence that I question everything I do

    I really don't know how to improve my situation anymore. I've had a good paying job for a year now, but as far as being social, it's still a mess. lt's Probably even worse than 10 years ago when it first started. I see this mainly as a confidence issue. I question everything I do: Stupid things...
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    How do you get someone fired?

    There's this one person who makes my life a living hell. If she was out of my life, I would have so much less stress and depression. I've tried for a year to get along with her, but she continues to do everything possible to put me down. It's either her or me. I'm tired of this crap! How do you...
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    How to become a charming guy in 30 days?

    How do I? Take heroin and wear a leather jacket?
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    Xanax issue

    Ok, here's the deal. I'm a vendor for a snack company and most of my time is spent driving, but two days a week I spend 1 hour loading my truck at our warehouse. It's a very stressful situation. Basically, the 3 district managers watch you the whole time and usually other coworkers are sitting...
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    Will I ever be happy at a job?

    I'm really down today. I've been working as a vendor for a food company for 8 months now. In those 8 months I've yet to get comfortable around my coworkers and the job is so stressful at times, I just wanna quit. Basically I have to deal with 7 store managers and if I forget to bring something...
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    Does your job stress you out even more?

    I'm a vendor for a food company. I like the job, but it's very hard dealing with 6 or 7 different store managers. It seems like one is always annoyed at me for not doing something right and it just adds more stress on top of my normal anxiety. The pay is very good, so i don't wanna leave, but...
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    Is there a place in society for you?

    I was looking on Daniel Day Lewis' page and I saw this quote by him: (on acting) "If I weren't allowed this outlet, there wouldn't be a place for me in society." That's basically how I feel except I really don't have anything like acting. I mean, my job distracts me sometimes, but...