Pros and cons of Paxil


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Ever since I've started taking Paxil I've held a job for a year straight without any problems. Usually I get so nervous I quit after a few weeks. So that's cool, but I've also noticed it makes me feel blah about everything. I'm no longer happy watching tv or sports or just chilling. i can't get motivated about anything. It's sort of a trade off, but making a living a must, so it looks like I'll be staying on Paxil. I tried quitting a few years ago and I went back to being crazy nervous. Anyways, have you guys noticed these same feelings?
I can't remember its been so long since i was on paxil. My parents saw changes in me the first year, but after a while it lost its effects. I don't remember feeling blah either...
When I was on Paxil (80mg) it helped for anxiety and depression but I was still unmotivated. I have ADD anyways so Paxil didn't make me that way, I was that way to begin with. I've since switched to other anti-depressants. The last 4 months I've kind of lost all my joy in doing things I once enjoyed. Even though I went through another major depressive episode and have since exited, I still don't enjoy the things I used to. Oh well.
I was on Paxil for about 10 years overall. It helped me get through many things but I too have that blah feeling, where I made it through, but never enjoyed anything, my emotions were stunted. I am now on something else, which has allowed me to regain some of the things I was blah about, though it doesnt work on some of the things paxil did, like getting rid of daily headaches.
i was also having troubles getting motivated, which brings me down really bad.

since that was the case, i started taking halves and then quarters, and took my last quarter pill 2 days ago....i DID notice however, that i feell really down today, and was really down yesterday. which makes me unmotivated....

i would rather be the same with slightly more motivation, and not wanting to sleep all of the time than to take the pill.

i didn't realize any benefit to taking it.

i may go the acid route since i can't find D-Cycloserine