Getting to know people just seems impossible


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Ok, here we go again........ I'm a route person for a chip company and everytime I see this girl who works at one of the grocery stores I deliver to, I go crazy! I have a huge crush on her and would love to make friends with her, but I have no ability to develop a relationship. Granted, I only see her once every 3 or weeks, so that makes it tougher, but it wouldn't matter if I saw her everyday. I have no flow to my social skills. Everything seems so fake to me and my confidence kills anything I do manage to say or do.

I'm getting to the point where I actually prefer not to run across anyone like this, so I don't get even more depressed. Now, everytime I see her, I just feel like crap. Nothing ever changes. The same problems I have now, I had when I was in high school. Actually I've been socially awkward since birth!

Living alone is horrible, but I feel so socially retarded around people I feel just as bad. How do I get better at this when I have no clue how to do it? Ever since boirth I've been avoiding people due to brain chemistry.

It just feels like a vicious cycle with no solution in site. I spent 2 years in therapy and it did jack shi*. I take medication, but that only goes so far. I'm 28 with zero confidence. When you're a guy with no confidence, you might as well drive off a cliff.

Oh well, I guess it's another 50 years of awkward conversations, no confidence, no girlfriend and lonely nights. Does anyone feel as hopeless as me?
I am 31 and know EXACTLY how you feel. I am completely socially awkward and everyone knows it. The thing is I actually consider myself to be quite a likeable person when people get to know me (and I am sure you are too) Its just people dont want to know people like us....
I have a coolness factor of zero, I walk kind of funny, I have a goofy face, Im losing my hair, skinny and have the social skills of a muppet.

I dont know man, maybe all us social phobes from around the world should just have a big party and get to know one least we would all have something in common.

Another thing is, people are so hard to get to know...there is like this inbuilt alarm that goes off that prejudges you before you even say a word. I remember the days in my early 20's when people were so much friendlier and carefree...there were less barriers...I dont know whats changed....argh....


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Shy, I agree. When I was in the 17-23 range, it seemed like alot more people actually tried to talk to me. Nowdays, I can count the number of people who say anything to me on one hand. And I work in grocery stores all day where there's lots of women. I'm guessing the older you get, the more people just assume you are married by now or something. Pretty depressing situation.