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    How I recovered

    I haven't posted here in a while, and I'm pretty much cured of my social anxiety as we speak. Allthough I'm still shy and I still have a bit of struggles with the aftermath of social anxiety, at least it no longer controls my life. The first step to a so-called cure in my case, was to first...
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    Excellent quote

    I discovered a great quote yesterday I'd thought I'd share:
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    Post what you cannot say

    I usually don't know what I can and can't say, so around people who are sensitive to criticism, I'm very quiet.
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    Successful date

    I went on a date today that went absolutely perfect. She asked me out and also asked for a second date tomorrow. The problem is that she wants me to bring a friend to a double date tomorrow, but the few friends I have are either attached, uninterested in long-term relationships or live far away...
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    Does quiet equal creepy?

    I did a google on the word 'creepy' and found articles about what was creepy and how you didn't come off as creepy. Most of these articles mentioned being quiet and standoffish-ness as one of the factors that make you creepy. Does anyone have any opibions about this? I for one do not see what...
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    Your favourite video game story?

    A lot of gamers (including me) want the stories in the video games to be good. The story is often the part of the game that makes it stick out from all it's competitors. :) The rules in this thread are simple: 1. Only post the game you think has the best story, not the second best, third best...
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    A great short about social anxiety

    YouTube - Dennis This clip is about a bodybuilder with anxiety. Despite weighing more than 300 lbs, the main character is still very uncomfortable around people he doesn't know. The clip also shows how much parents affect how you become. It's in Danish, but it has English subtitles.
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    What's your PSN ID?

    The title says it all. :) My ID is Felgen88.
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    Some very basic dating tips for guys

    A lot of guys on this board have problems with the opposite sex. A few will even blame every individual girl because of it. I'm not a dating expert or anything, but here is how I managed to overcome love-shyness: First of all, you will need confidence. This can be "faked" for a short amount of...
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    Talking on the phone

    I've been here for more than a year, but I've never made a rant thread before, so here goes nothing: First of all, I hate talking on the phone. Even when I like the person I'm talking to, the thought of saying something into a candybar shaped piece of plastic (that a person I can't see is...
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    Draw a song in MS Paint

    In this game, you guess what song the person above you has drawn in MS Paint. :) Rules - It must be drawn in MS Paint, Artpad or equivalent - If you guess right, it's your turn - If no person has posted a new drawing in 6 hours, feel free to post one yourself - Please draw well known songs
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    Your favourite South Park character

    Title says it all. It would also be nice if you wrote why that is your favourite character(s). My favourite characters are Butters Stotch and Randy Marsh. Butters is a lot like I was at that age (only more submissive and less impulsive), which is why I identify with him a lot. Randy Marsh's...
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    Honesty actually does pay off

    A few days ago, I was at a job interview. I knew the person doing the interview and he knew that my previous job experiences weren't that great. When he asked about physical health, I explained that I had some problems with coordination, but that my health was good otherwise. I explained that...
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    The "just be yourself" fallacy

    Why Not "Just Be Yourself" Enjoy...
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    Post something in your native language

    I got the idea for this thread from Spide04 in the thread where everyone started speaking dutch. :) Post a video clip, a poem or whatever in your native language in this thread. YouTube - Kims-reklame - homsene