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  • how can you not care about cupcakes? i don't think we can be friends. on second thought, if you promise to give me all of your cupcakes we can be bff. :D
    i have made a thread in off topic , its called may the lord forgive us confess my son :)
    It's really hard to find a bad Iron Maiden song. And there are enough that everyone is bound to find some favorites.

    And blasphemy just makes things more interesting. ;)
    You've reminded me that I completely forgot that Maiden's new album comes out in two weeks. Some fan, huh? :rolleyes: Some of my favorite songs are "Hallowed Be Thy Name", "The Legacy", and I really like the guitar work at the beginning of "Back in the Village." And despite asking if I can play with madness, "Infinite Dreams" is probably my favorite song from Seventh Son.... Oh, and you can count "The Longest Day", "Aces High", etc. as well, since I also like WWII stuff. What are some of your favorites?

    And life's been alright for me. I haven't really improved anywhere, but nothing has gotten worse either. So I guess that's good?

    How can one not be a fan of Iron Maiden? Steve Harris, Bruce Dickinson, three guitarists (currently at least), and a drummer with the word brain as part of his last name. Oh, and lots of good songs, too. ;)

    So how's life been treating you lately?
    Haha, that's exactly what I'm gonna do thanks.
    I had a 1971 MGB - like you said, easy to get parts for, and easy to work on, too. I sold it when I got married the second time, because she didn't think I needed it :[

    I also sold the 1968 Triumph GT6 that I was restoring.

    What about you? Are there many Brit cars in Norway?
    Thanks! I wish I still had my MG. I guess I really need to start saving up to buy another LBC (little british car) - I'll probably have to rebuild a junked one.
    You betcha! Just remember to let me in your vault before the bombs start dropping!
    Thank you so much for sending that, I did a little research into Gabriel Knights and I didn’t realize the people that worked on King’s Quest had their hand in this also. It’s got me interested. :)
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