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    hypnosis on tape?

    has anyone tried this? like a pre-recorded hypnosis for SA, self esteem, etc? i've been looking into it, there's a bunch of things like this out there on amazon & itunes..but i'm just not sure about it. & i dont really feel like wasting my money on something that is just a ploy to get money out...
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    im baaack...

    hey guys. remember me? i used to be on here quite a bit about 2ish years ago. but after a while, i got busy, depressed, then happy, then depressed, & just forgot about this site. well, i was thinking about my SA recently & remembered these forums. man, i've come a long way-ish. how is everyone...
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    has anyone tried it? i guess its the generic version of xanax... did it work, not work, complaints, etc?
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    do you tend to shut down?

    my bf of more than a year just broke up with me a week ago...again. for the 3rd damn time. his excuse this time? he cant deal with my sh*t anymore, my sh*t being that i never tell him about anything that bothers me. funny story about that, EVERY SINGLE GODDARN TIME i told him what was bothering...
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    girls: self esteem issues in a relationship

    everyone knows that in a relationship there has to be self esteem...but what if you feel threatened, ugly, when youre with you bf? i feel overly anxious whenever im with my bf & there happens to be an attractive girl with us, regardless of if we're at the mall, or in a restaurant, or even...
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    how do you deal with depression?

    ive been so depressed lately, im becoming more closed off, im extremely irritable, just wanna drink...or smoke..just to get away from it all, my SA is building up, i can feel it, & everything i work so desperately hard on is slowly melting away. what do you guys do to deal with depression? how...
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    emotional abuse in relationships

    guys, im just trying to figure out....what exactly is emotional abuse when youre in a relationship....? how would you define it? what are some key things to look for?
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    how do you guys feel about love? do you believe in it? do you think its fake? have you ever felt it? how would you define love? is there even a definition? does your SA hinder you from love? did you overcome your SA to find love? im just in a very romantic mood, thought i'd get your guys' opinions.
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    overly sensitive?

    ive been thinking lately & ive noticed something about myself, i get hurt really easily. like, a person could say a snarky comment or even something jokingly, in passing, even my best friend. & it will legitimately hurt me, as if she just slept with my bf or something. like, it actually wills...
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    do you have anxiety when you speak to a person face to face?

    im just wondering, do most of you get anxiety when speaking to someone face to face? because im curious, how would you guys feel about skype?
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    blogs on SPW

    i think SPW should have a part of the site where everyone has kinda like a blog or something. where every member can just state what their feeling, how their day was, etc. kinda like tumblr, but for SPW.
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    natural ways to treat anxiety

    ive heard of valerian root to treat anxiety. russians almost swear by it. but do vitamins of valerian root actually help? are there there other herbs that can help? im trying to find natural cures lol
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    what kind of pills help with SA?

    those of you taking prescrips, what has worked for you, what hasnt? any other prescrips your taking, antidepressants, etc?
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    what does it do to your SA after a break up?

    i honestly feel so used. so disgusted. ugh. idk, i just want to go crawl in a hole somewhere. i think this set me back a couple years...
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    Paranoid Schizophrenia

    im wondering, has anyone ever encountered this? or does anyone on here suffer from it? i just really need to know.