what kind of pills help with SA?


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those of you taking prescrips, what has worked for you, what hasnt? any other prescrips your taking, antidepressants, etc?
Zoloft, Doxepin, Mirtazapine, Paxil. All do nothing. Mirtazapine makes me sleepy, but that's it.
But then again, my psychological issues are most likely too deep to penetrate with any drug. I need to be re-born.
I always wondered, how would I know a drug is working? I mean I just don't see how any drug can make me feel less anxiety with more self confidence besides the obvious coke and meth. Of which the comedowns make the paranoia unbearably worse.


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I was put on meds back in the 90's (SSRI) found them useless, Valium too but you build up a tolerence so that ends up useless too , I did find therapy worked wonders, namely exposure therapy and CBT, though that dose not work for everyone though.

Oh yeah, I was put on propanol but that just made me feel faint (and anxious)????


I have tried most serotonin reuptake inhibitors, which really have done nothing for me. A lot of the medication that I would like to try are either not available legally in my country or I am not an extreme enough case (I can talk, function and otherwise take care of myself, but that doesnt mean I am not anxious or unhappy)

I then moved on to MAOI's, specifically mpclobemide but that caused..erm...sexual dysfunction, but decreased my anxiety a little... so they were gone too. I am on nothing right now, because nothing seems to work, I am just concentrating on increasing my self esteem, which I hope is a good starting point


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I've found a lot of SSRi's and benzodiazepine's to be good for my anxiety levels but not that effective at treating the symptoms of my social anxiety.

Only thing that I've found to work for my social anxiety has been Moclobemide an MAOI that doesn't require the special diet. It's worked well for me when I've taken it, start talking more easily to people I don't know and become more motivated to try and break down the social anxiety, but it has it's side effects like most drugs.


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Lexapro doesn't do much for SA, but it does reduce anxiety and takes the edge of depression most of the time. Problem is that it also reduces energy. :eek: I've tried other SSRIs and they walled up the basement but also walled up the attic, emotionally speaking. They didn't do anything for SA. I did take something that was a safer version of Ritalin and I felt like I was Made Out Of Energy. It blew away my inhibitions, so I could talk to anyone and I did -- but I also said a lot of things I shouldn't have said. I think drugs are necessary for some of us esp. if you have multiple issues, but they rarely solve it all.


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Well, yeah, it makes sense that it would, wouldn't it? But it doesn't affect SA for me. It just makes me less concerned/not care about stuff in general, reduces energy, takes the edge off non-social anxiety (like say work), but when I'm going into a room full of strangers, the SA is still there. When I have to go up and talk to someone new, it's there. When I have to call someone, yup, still there.


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I'm on Klonopin (clonazepam), &, though it took a long time to work at all for me, it usually seems to help most people who take it.