hypnosis on tape?


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has anyone tried this? like a pre-recorded hypnosis for SA, self esteem, etc? i've been looking into it, there's a bunch of things like this out there on amazon & itunes..but i'm just not sure about it. & i dont really feel like wasting my money on something that is just a ploy to get money out of people that are suffering. i've also heard about this thing they're doing now with sounds..it's like listening to beats, frequencies, sometimes birds, waves, stuff like that. & apparently all this is put together for certain ailments, SA, weight loss, depression. anyone tried it/heard of it? did it work for you?


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I tried this at various points. It can be effective but not in isolation. What I found is that combining this with the removal of all negative things such as music, movies etc and adopting other behavioural strategies can create a strong point of positive change. It depends how committed you are and how much you are genuinely willing to change in your life. It will never be a quick fix. Essentially, creating something like a hidden message is the best method. There is a mechanism in your brain that controls the acceptance of information. If you inbed a certain message in something that you like, that mechanism becomes confused and allows it through. This is why Occult symbols and encrypted messages are used to thoroughly in all forms of media. They utilise things like celebrities to inbed their message. Quite often what they are throwing at you subliminally is contradictory to the visual presentation. If you are interested in researching this subject further I would like to name drop 'Monarch Mind Control' as a point of reference. All in all though, I would not recommend getting to deep into this for your own personal uses. The mind is immensely complex, with a very deep level of autonomous functioning. It would be foolish to try and tamper with that. Surface level changes to your life, i.e., what you read, listen to, watch, do and say and the company you keep, are as far you need to go.

In conclusion? I'm just offering a few thoughts. Not everyone will agree with this but I hope it will be of some use to you. Why not try and visit Mind Tools - Management Training, Leadership Training and Career Training for some direction?


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if you don't want to waste money on buying hypnosis sessions, here's the site of a dr who has a series of free hypnosis videos uploaded specifically for social anxiety.

I had started with it, but then stopped and never finished because I then found out about the Healing Codes. Now I'm going to try these hypnosis sessions again as I haven't experienced enough results from the healing codes (you can look that up on youtube also how to do it).

About the sound, you're speaking of, you probably mean brain entrainment. You can find many of those for free online. It are certain type of sounds along with music that has a certain frequency and helps produce certain brainwaves which in return produce relaxation, stimulate certain hormones and so on, depending on the brainwave. Try delta brainwave also, I find it really good. Sometimes you need to listen with headphones to get the right effects when they are binaural beats.


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If you want to try hypnosis, I suggest you use something by Paul Mckenna. They're relaxing more than anything. It's effective so long as you do not rush it. You have to enjoy every experience, and don't expect unrealistic results. It doesn't happen overnight. & don't get frustrated 'cause it's going to make you lose your interest. You also can't rely on it alone. Try a program of different approaches. Try using positive affirmations too or anything you feel comfortable with. Most importantly, mingle. And observe yourself while you do. Whenever you catch yourself being stiff or anxious, immediately loosen up. This always works for me.

It's nice to think that there are ways to deal with SAD at the comfort of your home... However, you'll always need to go out and practice it in an actual social situation. There's no getting around that.