im baaack...


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hey guys.
remember me? i used to be on here quite a bit about 2ish years ago. but after a while, i got busy, depressed, then happy, then depressed, & just forgot about this site. well, i was thinking about my SA recently & remembered these forums. man, i've come a long way-ish. how is everyone doing? me? eh. i have good days & i have bad days.

lets see, whats new. i got married. had a baby. i know, right? never thought i'd see the day, my SA always got in the way of relationships, & with a few heartbreaks, it got even worse. so why did i decide to come back? well, lately my SA has been getting worse. i thought i had dealt with it & moved on, but i guess unless you get actual treatment, it's hard not to relapse back into the same lifestyle.

after i had my baby about 3 1/2 months ago, i decided to become a stay at home mom. didnt realize how it would effect me, however. i've gotten depressed & my self-esteem has plummeted..& it seems like i get more anxious & agoraphobic as the days go by. since i really just stay at home most days, when it comes time for me to go out, i have no desire. i almost feel like ive gotten worse off than i was before. at least before, i would have to go to class & talk to people. i moved away from my family & all my friends..& now i dont really have anyone to talk to at all, which is making things sooo much worse. kinda sucks.

anywho. that's my spiel. how are you guys? any of the same people i used to talk to still on here?


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Congratulations on the husband and baby. :)
I'm new to the site, so I don't know you, but you seem like a kind interesting person. Welcome back. I hope you can workout these issues soon, they all sound very troubling. I similar issues to these, so I understand how it is.

I wish you and your family the best.


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I don't remember you and don't think I was here when you were but I also was on here for a bit then left for a while because I didn't think I needed it and after a while realized that I was still struggling with certain anxieties...Congratulations on the marriage and baby as well, that is awesome!

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A lot can happen in two years! Congrats on your marriage and baby.

I sort of understand where you are coming from; I moved recently, and don't have many people to talk to. I imagine caring for a little baby on top of that would be even more of a challenge.You are adjusting to a new lifestyle. It takes time I suppose.

I joined in October so you don't know me, but, hello and welcome back :)