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  • You're back~! :D
    I'm doing pretty good! A bit frustrated because my mom and I have been butting heads about which dog breed we should get (I'm getting my first dog soon :)) but other than that, everything's peechy keen. How about you?

    I hear you on that one. I took a long 6 month break from the site too as you noticed and it did me some good too but I eventually missed this place. It's like my second home.

    Absolutely no problem! :cool:
    Hey EasyS! You're probably shocked by my spontaneous reappearance on the site after my 6 month or so hiatus from this site, haha. Just wanted to stop by and say hi after all the time that's passed since we've last talked (since January apparently o_O) Hope life has been treating you good and all is well. Umm.. yeah I'm not too good at these things so I'll just shut up and stop melting your brain with my nonsense now, hehe :p
    Take care~! :)
    hey how are you? still around.i m ok ,just struggling with ocd and without internet at home. hope to talk to you.
    Easy, thanks!! :) I think it's meant in a more ironic & teasin' way though.. /sigh/ I don't know, I do think *Googling* things and getting informed is therapeutic!! lol!!
    I hope I've helped some people, I don't know.. Sometimes I've felt so frustrated cause I wanted to help many more, but couldn't (one can only physically do so much) I'm glad that other people help each other too, and 'look out for each other'!! :)
    Also I hope you know I'm not a real Doctor and never studied for that!! :)
    Take care my friend & hope you have a nice Happy Easter!! (or at least 'survive' one!! :))
    I just drank 2 cappuccinos and a regular coffee and...

    YouTube - Peter Griffin Drinks Red Bull

    And thought you could easily dance like that
    eep. i'm sorry about last night. was feeling kind of funky and quiet.
    i miss chatting with you. i hope we'll have another chance in the near future. ;)
    hey, yeah iv kinda been all over the place recently ;( just cba even loggin on here :( kinda ok atm. how you been?
    survive xmas n new yr ok?
    Hey buddy. Sorry I haven't Sent you a VM lately I have just been swamped in the RL. I have managed to post but haven't gotten to my friends for a while. Which is lame. I am sorry. How are you? We haven't talked for a while. I haven't seen that much from you lately. Does that mean you are spending more time in the three dimensional world lately? I hope so. It would make me happy to know that you are doing well.
    Thanks, I do feel a lot better about myself now after that moment ::p:

    I'm glad to hear that life's been shining some light on you, and I agree, it is depressing to see others breeze by life and its situations with such ease. Makes you wonder how you even came to be social phobic in the first place.

    It's always good to see you as well EasyS :D
    Hey~ :D

    Haha I was thinking the same thing :)

    I've been alright, not much to tell as usual. Interesting huh? Hmm... Well I laughed til I cried earlier today. Not sure if that counts, but that hasn't happened to me in a while so I thought that would be worth mentioning, lol ;)

    How about you? How's life been treating you lately?
    Good to hear from you again EasyS :)
    Merry *belated* Christmas to you too, and a Happy New Year!! Just 20 minutes away from 2011 here :D
    Best wishes to you~
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