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    Oh man, yeah you need to see that one. It's freakin awesome. I liked Public Enemies too. Now I haven't seen the Hulk vs Wolverine though. Is it worth checking out?
    Whats your favorite movie right now? Live action ones I haven't cared too much about but animated I really enjoyed Under the Red Hood. I had to get that one on Bluray lol.
    Ohhhh yes.. Iron Man is my favorite but Captain America is right up there in my top 5. Superman, Flash and Wonder Woman are also in that list. I'm not a big fan of movie theaters but Captain America is one I might make myself suffer for
    Yes he is. I like how his characters often bring a bit of fun to whatever he's in. I think my favorite movie of his is My Name Is Bruce. It's nothing but pure camp, but it's fun.
    It's from my favorite book The Way of the Shadows. It's about assassins with a slight talent for magic and all the craziness they get into. I'm a fan of Star Wars too.
    Ok, i will accept your request now ;), cool, i will take a look (and listen ofc::p:)
    acoustic stuff? cool, maybe we could work together, since i Loove doing collabs! :D
    what is your favorite music style? and what bands do you like?
    hey have a nice day :D
    Yes it is. No real reason why, though.

    But I do have an autographed pic from him in my bedroom.... ;)
    Hi doubleM,
    i'm doing quite good thanks. how about you? I hope you are doing well too!
    I'm glad you enjoyed it. What's your youtube username? I'll accept your request.

    Talk to you later !
    thanks for the friend request! :)
    i'm doing ok. waking up, getting some coffee in my system.
    i'm getting ready to take a ferry to a small island + spend the day exploring. yay for adventuring! (i don't do it nearly enough.)

    how're things with you?
    Hey DoubleM,
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