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  • Hey, dude. Congratulations on the girlfriend! I hope it all works out with her! I do recall you wanting to have a girlfriend some time ago, so it's nice that you found a nice girl. :) Summer can be a bit long if you're melting every day, haha.

    As for me, I'm over Fiona finally, and I'm working towards a change of jobs which will hopefully mean higher pay. I'm also on eHarmony but no luck there, although I'll keep trying. All is good over here, mate. :)
    I hope you get to meet some cool people over the summer there. :) That would be awesome.

    You're making progress with girls, and that's good. You'll find a really nice girl if you keep persisting. :)
    Something that I've found is its really hard to find real friends whom you can trust, so if you have that is awesome. :) Yeah, I hope you do find someone though and like they say, maybe you'll find them when you least expect it. Good luck with everything. :)
    Hey Dani, everything's alright.
    Well, I'm trying my best, its not going awesome but I'm doing somewhat better. How are you? How are things going with you?
    Well, fourth time lucky, perhaps... Either way, it's great that you have the attitude of not giving up! :)
    Hello, just read about you failing your driving theory exam... Don't feel bad about it, many, many people fail their first time... I've known people who needed three or four attempts before they passed. There is no shame in it, and most people, (the good ones anyway) will not think you're "dumb". Besides which, I think you did well even to go to the exam, so there's something positive! :)
    I'm glad its going all good for you Daniel. I agree with everyone though, you're on the right track. I'm sure you'll get more social experiences eventually.
    Totally, you can PM me anytime you want.
    Hey, yeah, everything's okay, well almost, except for the problems I'm having with my roommate. How are you?
    I understand what you're saying about being a dull person and a late bloomer because I feel that way about myself, too. It makes it that much harder to engage in any concersation when you feel your side of the conversation is not going to be that interesting.

    I'm different, though. I overcompensate and try to be too impressive on first meetings. It's something I have to work on.
    Hey Daniel. Thanks. I have made some progress, but it's 2 steps forward, 1 step back. It's difficult. I'm still trying. You seem cool, too, mate. :)
    I know what you mean. Good luck with the appointment and I hope you have a great weekend. :)
    Thank you. ^^
    Hey Daniel, I'm doing okay, trying to beat my SA and be a little social at my college. Its really hard though, I still have a long way to go.
    How are you?
    Chaten nem tudok írni, valamiért nem küldi el, mindegy... nincs mit, örülök, hogy magyarok is vannak itt.
    Thanks for the friend request, mate. Much appreciated.
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