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  • Hey! Thats definately cool, although I really don't use it much, i'll try to make an effort for you though. Thanks so much for your compliments! I guess I used to be an artist, I don't do much in that way anymore, maybe i'll get into it again. The summer always makes me feel so unmotivated. ::(:
    Where are you from anyways?
    haha, no, lol!

    Its exploring your spirituality through the senses. Pretty much indulging desire to move to a higher path. And seeing the spirituality in things that are usually regarded as wrong (ie sex, drinking, smoking...)

    Freedom from the accepted, really.
    yeah I know what u mean, my 60 gb ps3 was broke down three months ago, and I was waiting for the price cut, but they didn't announce it during E3. Couldn't wait any longer, so I just bought a new 80 Gb last week. It runs so smooth, feels good to be back.
    Canon Rock is awesome! :D
    My friend and I used to practice some parts from it a lot, but I never finished learning the whole song.
    cool man, I play guitar too, and now I'm trying to start a band, feel kinda lost, lol. What system do u use for gaming? I have a ps3.
    Awesome!!! I have a vintage Gibson Acoustic, kind of worn because it was passed to me from my grandma, but i'm in love with it. I really want to buy a fender tele because I love the way it sounds. What kind of music do you like to play?
    hey to you and thank you for your welcome,i feel so much better about myself since i joined.i live on the gulf coast of florida (about 30 miles from tampa)take care i hope you have a good day.
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