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  • You want to get yourself to Busch Gardens. If dropping 200ft on Sheikra doesn't take your mind off things nothing will.
    Hi, thanks for the message. I'm fine when I'm occupied, not when not! I hope you got something to keep you entertained. Go well!
    Hey. Welcome. Where bouts in FL do you live? Has to be my favorite place. Sux that I should be there now on vacation but due to financial reasons I'm not.
    Hi everybody,i just found this website,so i'm really new.let me tell you about myself.i've always known there was something wrong with me.thought i was alone,i didn't want to interact with people,avoided social situations even family stuff.this made it very difficult to work,i was in retail for 10 years.i say was because 6 mos ago i had a meltdown at work and walked off the job.what an idiot i am walking off the job that was paying me a really good salary.i havent been able to go back for fear of what people will think of me.i have been fealling very bad about myself (even contemplating suicide).my family doesn't know what to think of me,i can tell.i thought i was the only one that had same feelings as me until i found this website,it stopped me from thinking of hurting myself.it helps alot to know i'm not alone.thank you.
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