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  • May I just say that your tattoos are amazing! Mine come nothing close to that but hopefully one day they will lol and kudos for someone liking True Blood around here.
    That's terrible work.... NEVER! get ink from someone that doesn't know what there doing
    I thought that if anyone had a tattoo on there head it would make them look badass. maybe not lol
    Cheers. I feel like I've been wanting one for ages but I have to be sure its right. I want something thats going to inspire me evertime I look at it. Also I need to look more badass cause this sweet guy look isn't working. I don't even no where I want it so that convention sounds like a great idea.
    I like your rocker photos. I bet you guys were wild. :)
    Awww you're so welcome, you seem like a really cool person and i hope we get to chat some more :) btw i adore your pics in the photo thread, what kind of music are you into?
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