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  • hey long time, nice to hear from you :) hows things with you?. I have being worse just feeling a bit of a failure and a bit lost at the moment dropped out of my course b4 christmas never really had an interest in it and the it was hell. i couldn't stick it. I still am hoping to go back to uni but i'm just wondering at the moment, if i would be able at all cause i failed at so much :( anyway how are you finding college? hope you are good :)
    good to here :) unfortunately i failed that exam again::(: which was devastating. i'm doing a electronics course in gti for this year which i know is going to be a nightmare cause its going to require alot more interacting with people than uni and i'm going to be worrying all year about the work experience. I don't know how i'm going to survive it:eek:
    I don't know if i'm crazy but i still hoping to go back to nuig and apply for that course next year again if i repeated the full year which i should of done last year really, i know i can get the maths.
    Good luck with college! Hope it goes well :) how long is the course for?
    Its beautiful and all that. I suppose when you live somewhere you get used to it and it isn't that appealing anymore. Greener grass and what have ya
    Hey, I thought I knew all the Irish here but obviously not.
    Nice Photos btw, beautiful. Been along time since I was in Galway. Should really make the effort to get down their this summer
    telling me what to do in my own house :eek: yep your a woman alright :rolleyes: your all the same you lot lol :D
    Ah never good bein' away from the city,
    Though Im moving outta the city... I'm officially insane.
    And yeh i was real depressed and stressed out and was just rushing to get home.
    I ended up jumping on the Galway bus, not knowing it was goin' there.
    If that wasnt bad enough, my phone went dead, I had no credit to call anyone, just text, and i was broke!!!

    Luckily my friends dad drove all the way up to rescue me.

    Some people in this world are just amazin'!
    hey wud u be interesed in goin to a meet up in galway saturday april 17.charlene and a few others from this site will be there
    Oh i always care - it takes over my life!!
    Oh im actually from Limerick, but got a place in Tipp. :)
    You living in Galway City is it?
    Accidentally ended up there on sunday night.
    (was meant to be getting a bus from tipp to limerick but got the wrong one!)
    I find that so neat! Someone mentioned exactly something of the sort yesterday! My avatar has a scent :) I love lavender too, and it makes for a pretty colour!

    Oh, and the compliment was pure truth as well!
    Well from what I've seen you've no reason to worry about your weight.
    (and I'm not just saying that).
    I can understand though - i was only 9 and a half stone once (my perfect weight) and still thought i was huge!
    Thats bad like!!
    Ah thank god it looks okay - i get reeeeeaaaal panicky about my appearance.
    I put on loadsa weight a while back and wouldnt even leave the house!
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