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  • WOW, what kind of changes? :) Would be happy to know!! :) Like what you wrote online already or new other things too? :)
    For me, some good things, some hopefully will continue to improve too!! :)
    My weekend was alright, I hope yours was good too :)
    Thank-you, it was quite helpful. I appreciate you sending the link to me.
    Hi there.
    I'm finding the site quite insightful, it's given me a little more confidence in myself hearing about other people in similar situations.
    I'm still having trouble learning how to talk to people, since that's my biggest trouble.
    Thank-you for asking :)
    Hi there,
    Fellow Aries :D
    Happy Belated birthday !! :)
    How has your Bday been? Hope it was fun!
    How are you doing btw?

    Greetings, Saskia!! :)
    Ooh, belated Happy Birthday!! GO Aries!! :D

    Hope you're having a great time (or at least surviving!!) & wishing you an AWESOME year ahead!!
    (Women are like great whiskey: the older, the better!! :))

    Do tell how you like! I was very much into it for a while, maybe it would be good to start it again, hmm? (Not around birthdays though, hehe.. :))
    Hi there Hottie, thanks very much for your kind words! Its nice to share our thoughts and feeling here, i hope your SA will get better as days go by and you will come out of your shell, and be who u want to be! same to me! wish us both! :)
    Hello Hottie:)

    Thank u for request :D I wish u lovely day and a lot of happiness on your journey in your live
    to accomplish your dreams and wishes.
    Hey Hottie. It's - look it up yourself first. If by ED you mean eating disorder, I don't know if it would be helpful to them or if they might obsess about food even more? (And just count calories etc?) Does that person have counselling and/or a support group for ED? They can't deal with it alone, so it would be REALLY good if they get expert help!! A friend and a relative both had ED and proper support helped them soo much!! So I highly recommend that!!) It's great that you are trying to help them, maybe you can find something together? And maybe it would be good to ask the person there (or on a ED support forum/site/phone line/organisation) what they think about this site being useful or not?
    Hiya. Oh i only asked because a few weekends ago i went to psychedelic trance event and then seen your didnt know if there were other genres like it. Well you have informed me now - there is !!
    Hey. I don't really no about dance music, it's okay. I don't like listening to techno or electronic music that much if it's not in the right setting. I like psychedelic rock mostly.
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