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  • Thats what i always do!
    The night got a lil better- went back downstairs n had a laugh with my dad and his friend.
    Was so tempted to sing but didnt thank god!
    Did ya wake up in time?
    Ah i love my family tho'.
    Miss 'em loads sometimes.
    Ah lousy ya only have one alarm -
    I need at least 5!
    Doesnt guarentee ill wake up tho!
    You should get a phone with multiple loud alarms!
    I'm thinking of heading back downstairs, downing a lotta drink and making a twat of myself - if im overly drunk i wont remember so it wont be TOO bad!
    Dude i need serious counselling!
    10 to 4 aint bad at all actually... Plus its somethin' ta do.
    Dunno when the house will be ready - hopefully within the next two months anyway.
    Ill be happy when i cop on!!
    Ah i feel bad tho - my mam keeps asking am i coming back down, and I'm just pretending I'm okay and sayin' i dunno...
    I'd love to be normal - even just for a fricken day!
    I never saw that episode - ive missed out!!
    No plans for tomorrow - might head home but im scared of the hag...
    How bout you? How long ju have to go in those saturdays?
    Well its in my parents house and im stayin here so i think im just gonna hide in my room. Its ****e... :( I can hear everyone having a laugh downstairs and i can't go down cos of my stupid paranoia and somethin' my mother said!
    I'm only gonna be miserable tho - watchin' as guys desperately hover round my sister and women compliment her nonstop - not that ive anything against her - I'm just jealous and feelin' ****e!
    Its my cousins confirmation like. I love that kid.
    I feel like an attention seeker here tho - i dont want anyone coming up here but i think my mother might and think im just lookin for attention...
    Ah if only i had a telly.
    I'd love to watch EastEnders right now but the repeat wont be online til 4 or 5!
    Ah south park - havent seen that in waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long!! What episodes on?
    Bad... Just left a party cos of somethin my mother said..
    I fukn hate myself sometimes!!
    I'm bein real paranoid tonight tho i think... :-/
    Thought people were making fun of me a while ago.
    Ugh i wish i could just be born again...

    How's Pa??
    trying to explain to someone why I dont is impossable though...and its great no one here has ever asked me why, I like that!!!!My brother is only 15 and I think I'd kill him if I found him drinking....
    Ah thats not so bad then!!I first lived in balybrit then moved to gort, which is still home, but I stay in salthil with my gran during the week!What part of the city you from?I like being able to have both side of the county open to me. I think I'd hate to live in the city again, be so afraid of it! Off the drink, thats what I like to hear :D I'd be terafied to go into a social suitation drinking!
    aw no, that cant be good, join any clubs or anything? I know thats easier said than done- I have a few people that I can spend time with but try not to get to close to as my course is only a year and after that I'll not want to be known. But for me i love my course its the time off from school that kills me!
    ha thanks i am pleaused with myself alright! I had a god day alright!!!How you finding college?
    It was not that bad at all, I'm really happy I did go, even when we had to odo groups work, I really wased into it and even got talking to one girl - now i've an interview tom for it...eek!!Hw was your day?
    Well its a really good thing that you are doing it someone will be really grateful!!!And someday soon you will get the courage to do some volunteer work - I have that meeting in a about an hour!!!
    Well if I hadn't the plan in my head that I wanted to help people I'd not be here, it's the only thing that keeps me going and makes me feel that I do have a purpose, even if its only one person I assist! Ya I really want to do volunteer work too but usually don't follow trough with it, like you said I freak, but tom I'm hoping to push myself to the samaratins meeting tom, fingers crossed as I'm going on my own (Eek!!) I do like the idea that you are donating bone marrow, I could only guess that that can be painful but will benefit some one who really needs it :) . Last week I became an organ doner and want to donate blood too.
    Yup it sure would be. I am in GTI doing a pre-nursing course, I want to work with special needs children!
    Ah right. No I dont have one, dont remember the last time I went to the doctors....I "forgot" to call today....
    I live in the salthill during the week and in the country which is home at the weekends!!!I have not been dignosed with SA but am trying to work up the currage to make an appointment with my GP this week!!!How about yourself!
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