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  • I made an attempt to catch the meteor shower with my camera, however the sky was cloudy and I waited and waited and finally I ended up falling asleep which is so unlike me, but it was peaceful. I will try again tonight because I think there is still a chance to catch it. I will be sure to send you pictures if I do.
    Take care Terrence..:)
    I have seen the aurora borealis a few times and it is incredible! It may very well be the souls of dead people, I don't think anyone knows for's beautiful anyways. I've been wanting to see some of the meteor shower that is supposed to be visible tonight or tomorrow night (i'm sure we have a big time difference but it's just about midnight here) and i'm waiting anxiously with my camera!
    haha of course fairies exist! I've seen them with my own eyes! They live in the enchanted part of the forest, I know how to get there ;)
    Yeah small towns have good and bad points, luckily I only moved here not too long ago so I don't know hardly anyone, I just keep to myself here. I don't think I would enjoy living in a crowded city. It's pretty quiet here, which is nice.
    Yeah, you can see the stars on a clear night, it's one of the reasons I love living here. I'd like to buy a telescope so I could see even more! The solar system is fascinating! :)
    Thanks so much! Yeah I took them. :)
    I can take some pics of my town but they wouldn't be too exciting, it's a really small town, hehe, kind of boring! The best thing to take around here is the scenery, but I will take some more and show you, thanks for the compliments! Hope you're well!
    Hi Terrence ...well i've been trying to log in to my facebook account for a week and I can't, I got your message there but can't here I am! I'm doing alright I guess, same as before. How about yourself? You had a nice long break from SPW...;) I'm glad you're back though :)
    Hey, Ashiene, why don't you come to the chatbox anymore? You got to stop by some time, dude. :D
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