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  • I don't come on here anymore either...ever. It took me an hours just to log in.LOL I just hate it here but they will not delete my account for what ever reason. This site hasn't change a bit. So sad. I am mainly on Anxiety but even there i have been staying off. These site are just so poorly run. You would think in the age of facebook these site would of modernized by now.

    Anyway how have you been doing? My anxiety is almost gone. I just got to get this dating stuff going. My birthday is comming soon this monday and i getting a bit depressed but beside that i am doing fine.
    we did set up an irish site but now that's not active at all either, you just reminded me i had forgotten about it Free forum : Social Phobia Ireland
    no just never happened. there doesn't seem too many irish active on here at the moment so doesn't seem to be interest at the moment unfortunately
    hey i'm doing alright. you? christmas passed off alright and new year ok so far :) tis a bit quite on here alright, after taking a long break form here too
    hi i just noticed u left me a message sorry i didnt reply for ages. where bouts in ireland do u live.
    no not certain but keep an eye on those sites to get an update. a few have suggested dublin but we could have other meet ups somewhere else
    hey no prob.. yeah at least we're not alone. would you be interested in the meet up the more the better well no worries if not its not for everyone. We had 2 already but i chickened out of both at the last minute
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