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  • Just wanted to say your side profiles you drew are really good! I'm much better at those than full faced, but it wouldn't let me tell you in repsonse to your post.
    Nice job on the weight loss. I saw your thread, didnt realize you were that heavy before. I been wanting to drop some weight too. I currently weigh approx 300 lbs. Its the heaviest I ever been, and I been kinda stuck with it. It doesnt go up or down. I'd really like to get back in to being more active. The weight does make me more self conscious and it affects my self esteem, which in turn affects my SA. I used to weigh around 230, but started gaining over the years as I become less active. I find your weight loss inspiring. It makes me want to start exercising more. I currently only do a little swimming, about 20 mins 2-3 times a week. I mostly do it to relieve my tension.

    I wanna switch my diet up too, I know some of my eating habits are bad. I'll talk to you later, good job.
    It's ok, I haven't been great at all lately either. I'm leaving the forum for good soon. It's not helping me, so i'm going to be banned or whatever they do. I hope your cycle club works out :)
    Hey dude, hope every thing is going well. I'm sure your going to achieve your weight loss goal. You've basically done it so I'm sure your not going to fall offa the wagon. Remember your my hero haha :)
    Id trade 5000 dozen boston cream donuts for complete happiness in my life...if only that could be traded for..id charge my credit card this instant at "Dunkin Donuts" if so.
    mmmm sounds delicious, I sure love boston cream cakes!

    Oh, and hang in there, everything will be alright, it really will. You seem like such a strong person. Take care of yourself :)
    Its going ok release....I recomend a good diet with some vegetables & fruits & lean meats such as turkey & chicken, & wheat breads as well as lots of protien rich low sugar & low fat type foods. As far as exercise I would say free weights with a managable amount of weight not something that makes you strain your gonads... & do 25 reps at a time with that on shoulders & arms...pushups are a good way to exercise your chest muscles without barbells & benches..riding a bike or walking briskly is a good way to tone your legs & offer over all cardio conditioning with less joint stress then jogging or running would create....Id recomend stretching before exercise but I rarely do myself :)
    hey I think you've got a really friendly face :D also reminds me of a very good buddy I used to have, but sadly I don't know what has happened to him....
    Hey 2Crowded, how are you? I'm just about to have a workout on my stepper and I thought of you and your mega workouts, lol :)
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