Who are your favorite actors/actresses?


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Recently I've been liking:

John Hurt
Edward Norton (I think he's cute actually)
Jack Nicholson
Dustin Hoffman
Kathy Bates
Judy Davis
Faye Dunaway
Gloria Swanson
Audrey Hepburn
Laura Linney
Patricia Clarkson
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Leonardo DiCaprio
Chris Evans
Sean Connery
Jack Black
Johnny Depp
Jim Carrey
Jennifer Lawrence
Robert Downey Jr.
Tom Hanks
Matthew Mcoughnahy
Denzel Washington
Bruce Willis
Harrison Ford
Will Smith


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Jennifer Connolly
Morgan Freeman
Tim Robbins
Frank the Rabbit Donnie Darko
Jake Gyllenhaal
Dustin Hoffman
Cate Blanchette
Eric Bana - his earlier comedy work
Rusty Crowe
Sigourney Weaver
Robert De Niro


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Jim Carrey
Arnold Schwarzcheneggar
Martin Short
Tim Allen (just watched all these actors in the two Christmas seasons that went by)
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Jenifer Lawrence (her acting abilities made her shoot right up to A-list)

Octavia Spencer (brings character to anything she's in)

Leonardo Dicaprio (everything is awesome)

Jamie Fox (underrated as an actor)

Cate Blanchette (can play anyone)

Anne Hathaway (come along way)

Natalie Portman (want to be her!)

Matt Damon (brings humility to films)

Emma Watson (down to earth beauty)

Katherine Hepburn (but of course the best)

Melissa Mcarthy (women's lib & laughter)

Woody Harrelson ( RAW VEGAN !! )