What book are you currently reading?


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I'm reading Stuart Macbride's "Blind Eye". Can highly recommend it for anyone who likes crime novels.

Currently reading "The Mothman Prophecies". Since it's based on real paranormal events, all of which seemed to be linked to each other, in a town called Point Pleasant, it's very disturbing to read.
There's this movie called The Mothman Prophecies that's also based on those events, if you haven't watched it already. It was a decent one, even though the book is probably a lot better.


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I havent actually read properly in a while, but the novel Im currently on is "Pawn of Prophecy" (Belgariad series) by David Eddings.

Also working my way through some non fiction books, "Analyzing Intelligence" by Roger Z. George and James B. Bruce, and "Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You" by Marcus Chown. These books are just personal interests really; I quite like physics, and I plan on joining the RAF as an Intelligence Analyst, hence the first book.


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I'll probably finish 1776 by David McCullough tomorrow. After that I get to pick from 4 World War II books I recently acquired. I'll get to choose between the battle of Stalingrad, the battles around Kursk, or one of two German memoires.


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Virtue by Serena Mackesy. An old favourite from when I was a teenager.
Placebo by someone with an Indian name I can't remember. But it's very good! Turns out there are lots of myths and misunderstandings about the placebo effect. A bit of a trawl, but worth a read!


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I just finished reading Dean Koontz's "Watchers" about a week and a half ago and it was a really good suspense, thriller. It's about a dog with the intelligence of a human being that escaped from a government laboratory along with another intelligent, monster-like, man-eating creature called "The Outsider", which has a sort of telepathic link with the dog and is tracking it down to kill it. There are a lot of other subplots going on including a love story, one with a perverted stalker, an investigative agent who's hunting the dog and the outsider, and a hired assassin who believes that he gets the life power of everyone he kills, especially when he kills a pregnant woman. It was a good book.

I'm currently reading another book by Dean Koontz called "Forever Odd" which is the second book in his Odd Thomas series. (Yes his first name is "Odd"). It's a pretty basic premise about a young man who can see the dead and he goes around trying to save people from impending doom. In this particular book his friend who has very fragile bones has been kidnapped by some lunatic of a woman who is trying to lure Odd to her for his special supernatural gifts. So far I'm confused as to what's really going on, but I guess I'll see.
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I'm reading American Psycho....again. It's that damn good.
good god...

I've gotten decently well into Memories, Dreams, Reflections. It's pretty much brilliant, like reading the internal dialogue of a thoughtful introvert...because it is :D
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Im reading "Ernest Hemingway, A life story" by Carlos Baker. Possibly one of the most boooring books I've ever read but I have to get to the end & see why he kills himself. In between, I just finished "Possible Side Effects" by Augusten Burroughs. There's no real subject but it's an interesting & humurous read. I just happened upon the book & so I spent the first 2 chapters trying to figure out whether the voice was from a boy or girl. But, at about chapter 3, u realize it's Augustens' story. He's a gay guy who had a crazy childhood & his sense of humor & sarcastic outlook quickly grow on u. I may check out his best seller "Running With Scissors" someday. Dean Koontz is O.K. If u want a good, fast-paced thriller check out "Intensity".