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  • People used to tell me I'm a perfectionist, for some reason I don't like instant just in case I made a mistake. I'm not as bad as I used to be and would probably would have talked to you on mini chat if it wasn't yesterday was having a bad day.
    Hey, Sorry I just don't like to go on those online chats.. I know I'm weird but that's why I'm on this site. :p
    "Being yourself is a good idea, but try not to worry too much about that because there are several yourselves. Like the faces on a dice."

    awesome! :]
    Hello, I'm so sorry I haven't been online in ages. It totally seemed like I was ignoring you when really I'd forgotten about the site. You probably don't remember me, lol, but you introduced me to the site and we had a small conversation about writing.

    Speaking of which, how is your writing going?

    Take care!

    Hi 2 u to0 =D LOL

    Good thing theres online dictionary, your vocab often has me confused. hah =P
    Pig is a reference to your misogynistic attitude, not your weight. And I do think you're a misogynistic little pig. The only reason this has become an argument is because I've answered back. Otherwise it would have been just you abusing me, and contrary to what you might think I don't sit back and take abuse. As much as you might like to believe it.

    Trust me on this, son: I've fought bigger cunts than you. You bite me, I'll bite you back twice as hard.
    all I asked was for you to stop being such a show off on SPW, and you turn this into a fully blown hour long argument. Can you stop or at least try and understand that we have the wellbeings of others on this forum we need to look after. Boasting about your good life doesnt help. Try to understand OK
    try to be humble instead of being a show off. I guess you being cured of S.A made you different.

    And dont call me a pig ever again, I have serious depression because of the way i look and how overweight I am. Dont you ever dare call me a pig ever again!!!!!!!
    It makes no earthly difference to me what you call me. The name I gave you wasn't my real name, and I told you exactly that. Call me it as you please.
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