what bad habits do you have that stem from sp


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Personally my sp makes me look like a idiot when i walk i keep my hands under my shirt or taking one hand constantly pulling it up and down so people dont see that im a bit overweight. im around 220 and 6ft 2 im thick chested and embarrased of it so i always have a hand under my shirt. jw what kind of bad habits do some of you have.


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yawning. acting like im tired when im really not at all.
Rubbing my face and checkin my cell phone are big ones too.
Sniffing my nose.
and not paying attention to what im doing... like today, I was walking past a really cute girl (when my sp gets the worst) in a booth at steak n shake so I could pay my ticket. I got there but I didnt even realize that I had cut in front of a couple that was there way before me. I didnt even know what the hell I was doing!!!!


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Constantly playing with my hair.
Rubbing my hands together, biting my nails, crossing arms, putting hands in pockets.
Also yawning and I mumble alot too!!


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Checking my watch
sometimes get the walkin thing
crack knuckles
wear a hood so my vision is less and dont have to see all the fuk tards


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I laugh alot at inapropriate times, mostly i have the mp3 player going when im outside to distract myself from stuff like that, it helps alot.


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Gone said:
I laugh alot at inapropriate times, mostly i have the mp3 player going when im outside to distract myself from stuff like that, it helps alot.
Yeah I do that heaps but i dun really care i just pretend i seen something funny
I sumtimes talk to myself and if your on a bus or something its harder to explain


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rubbing my face, pulling my hair, yawning like a horse, constantly looking to the floor, and so many others...


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noblame4 said:
I pull on my hair, particularly my sideburns. And I check my fly a lot, to make sure it's not down. haha
lol I check my zipper too! I also play with my hair, or touch my face. And look around. Oh I check my cell phone too.


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Checking my watch even if I don't have it on my hand, looking at the sky and playing with clouds, looking around in the room pretending I am inspecting objects, sometimes whistling and others ...
I say "what?" whenever someone says something to me. I can usually hear them. It just gives me more time to think about what I'm going to say. Everyone must think I have really bad ears.


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Hands in the pocket,hide behind my cap,pretend that I am tired or asleep when I get nervous,hiding,literally and others I dont remember right now.


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yeah i do the yawning thing alot too. i also alot of the time get anxious and end up speaking so fast noone understands me>.<


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I stare at my hands a lot, probably look stoned most of the time...and when proper anxious get straight onto the nail biting.

Oh and i'm a pro fidgeter :eek:


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I'll scratch my chin or sideburns, look around at things instead of making eye contact, or check my cell phone like I'm important or something. haha


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I also check my fly a lot lol.

And I often crack my knuckles and just do this weird and awkward interlocking thing with my hands whenever people are talking to me.


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yeah i have major problems with eye contact as well ill tend to look around and glance at them here and there so they know im paying attention