What are you like in person?

Interesting question.

I think I'm mostly the same, except that I do tend to be more outspoken online, although with certain people in person I am exactly the same. It depends on who I'm around in person. Some people I'm so uncomfortable around I'm almost silent, although more commonly I'm just more reserved in giving opinions or talking freely. If I'm comfortable, though, then I don't shut up and like to piss people off with how silly I am :p


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Hmm, hard to say. One thing that isn't reflected online that is a big part of me in person is probably how much I don't talk. And when I do talk in person, I would say it's generally less detailed and more awkward. Discombobulated speech, with words often completely out of order.

I haven't been a member of this forum for too long, but how I am here differs from in person is that I am more serious, logical, and to the point here. In person around people I'm comfortable with I'm extremely sarcastic and light. And technical and annoying ::p: In the past on forums I've joked a lot, reached out to people and showed interest in their lives, and genuinely cared about the people I met and interacted with, as well as was very open about myself and my life. Most of the time in person I am the opposite. Very avoidant and trying to keep to myself and not letting anyone in. I don't know though, I think to a degree after a while the person I was online and the person I was offline started to converge and now there isn't so much discrepancy anymore.

Seeing me in a chatroom may be more accurate than a forum though, since life isn't like Ok, here's the topic. Now sit down, think it over, and respond in a articulate and detailed manner that you reviewed." Of course I'm still the same person, even if the different mediums bring out different aspects of my personality.


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When I'm at work? Quiet, in my own world, reclusive, anti social, miserable! People often take a very instant dislike to me, I see why. Only those few individuals intent on so******ing with me break through and become my friend, and I think they're glad they persisted. But the average person thinks me kinda arrogant.

At home alone or with people I trust? Content, funny, hyperactive, occasionally intelligent! Silly. Curious and always trying to find new things to experience. This is when I'm fairly happy in myself anyway.


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Awkward, quiet and aloof. Boring unless they too happen to be someone who shares almost exactly the same interests as me. If not, every conversation I have is either school/work related or never goes beyond pointless small talk kind of questions.


I usually just avoid most people.....its hard to relax enough around people enough to have a good time....when I DO have to talk to people im usually courteous but brief in conversation....
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I have this picture in my head how I should act in public and how I'd like others to treat me, once I leave the house I see that wont happen. I get annoyed and I stop sugarcoating the reality and just start treating others the same way they treat me. I become bitchy and bitter... some may even say disgusting (that's a real quote btw :D) Innocent people may get hurt in this process... but meh... I don't care anymore. People try to be "good" with me only when they want to make fun of me.


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Less confident, but pretty much the same. Good sense of humor, easy to talk to (I suppose), friendly, etc.


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There are a lot of unhappy people who use the Internet which is why so often, if you make a flippant remark it is seized upon and pilloried. When I have a lot to do and am content with stuff I have little time for the web and this is surely the same for most other folk (go figure). Life is about interaction and the Web is leading people down a big blind-alley. I use the web primarily for information, the younger generation are almost dependent on their mobiles and web status. The other web based problem is how people portray themselves as being far far better than they really are so when it comes to real life, disappointment can set in very quickly. Honestly, I hardly ever offer valid criticism on the Net, its hopeless.


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Awkward, quiet and aloof. Boring unless they too happen to be someone who shares almost exactly the same interests as me. If not, every conversation I have is either school/work related or never goes beyond pointless small talk kind of questions.

this is me too except I'm worse at small talk and just smile awkwardly so it looks like I'm having a good time... :p


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I'm the opposite and am laid back enough to give and take jokes with my instructors at this point, but I still don't think I seem normal. The Internet is where I go when no amount of reading, workshops, practice, personal growth, or bless you's from grateful clients does anything for me year after year.


If I'm around people I'm not really close with I'm super quiet and avoid conversation at all cost. If I'm around people I'm close to then I'm much more relaxed and pretty sarcastic.


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Online (not here but like Instagram and such) I appear as an extremely happy, cheerful person. But it's all just a front - like how I am online is how I really want to be but can't because I'm held back by anxiety. In real life I've been told by people I appear scary, shy, quiet, basically everything negative. I can't make friends online or in real life so I must be a pretty sucky person all round.


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When I'm on the computer I'm more social. Although in the real world I am pushing myself very hard to be social. I have been told I'm sweet, caring, and nice by many people that I talk to in the real world.

I am awkward but I'm getting better every single day.


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I used to have better social skills. I think I give a weird vibe now.
Until my late 20s, people really wanted to befriend me. I had lots of friends, but stress from work, bullying and some relationships changed me into a much more introvert and reclusive person. I am almost friendless now.
Even when I was grumpy people always wanted to cheer me up. I avoid talking for too long and remain silent most of times around other people. Now I prefer talking about things related to moral values, phylosophical stuff and the injustices in the world.
I still laugh at some jokes and try to avoid some body language things like crossing my arms all the time, but that's it.
I used to be more sarcastic and more confident. But I had I reason for it. I miss those days.
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I usually talk slowly, quietly.... mumbly. Most of what I can manage to say around people I don't know is a crappy attempt at a joke, otherwise it's awkward silence. I just try to blend into thin air when I'm in classes.

Around people I'm more comfortable with, suddenly I'm (relatively) high-energy, and nothing is off-limits for humor. I almost feel weird when I'm not trying to make people laugh, since it's about the only thing I feel I'm good at.

With most people I talk to online, I fall somewhere between the two extremes.