What are you like in person?


I talk online, I don't much otherwise. I can either look at you or listen to you. You could break my nose and as long as you apologize I'll probably forgive you. I've been told I come across hostile until you get to know me. Once I start talking you'll discover that I'm strange. I'm bad at asking questions but I listen well and will remember everything you say. I rely too much on intuition which has always served me well. My therapist says I'm emotionally intelligent. I call it conditioning from a lifetime of walking on egg shells.
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Very interesting question. I'd say that most of the time, I can be extroverted (but only because I feel that like I have to). If people were to see the "real" side of me, I would honestly assume that I'd lose their attention pretty fast. Trying to be outgoing/positive all the time around people can be physically and emotionally exaughsting for me.


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I'm very friendly. I'm a pretty good listener but I'm extremely wary of revealing much personal information so I tend to keep things generalized. You probably won't know if I'm sad or angry unless you really get to know me because I show these things in very subtle ways such as being quieter than usual or showing less interest in listening. If I'm comfortable around anyone (and this is usually only with other people who've had a rough life), I'm even kind of funny.


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I am loath to think what impression I might give to someone meeting me in person. "Homeless meth addict, only fatter" is my best guess.


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My personality is as transient as my bowel movements. Some days I feel good, some days bad, some days quiet, some days silly, some days motivated and "alpha."

A variety of factors go into this such as how successful I've been with my interactions, or if I have something good or bad happening on the horizon, or whether I've gotten enough sleep, or the weather, or if I'm having an existential crisis.

This morning I had a wonderful--what I assume to be--flirty, interaction with a pretty brunette, and that actually set the tone for the rest of my day. So I'm more motivated and "alpha" today.

The same phenomenon occurs for my online self as well as real world self.
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