what age of person are you most socially anxious to?


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Pardon if there's always a thread on this ..
I mostly have it to the teenage age group. But young children under five too which makes me terribly guilty
what about you?


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I'm socially anxious around little kids, teens, and sometimes adults. Like most of you here, I don't mind old people either. I actually sometimes enjoy talking to them. :)


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I'm twenty but the age group I best get along with are kids. Teens, peers, and adults I can't handle because I don't relate.


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yeah kids,teens and peeple my age.kids because they ask a lot of questions and when anyone talks to me ,even a kid,my mind goes blank and i end up looking very anxious especially if other peeple my age or older are around.teens because they are ruthless and make fun of peeple a lot and i dont need that kind of exposure.peeple my age cause i look stupid around them as they are far more mature than i am .


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women in their 30's terrify me. i've witnessed them as being the most judgmental,
clique-ish group ever...even more so than teens and young 20somethings.
People my age (teens) and children. I also agree with Agent Violet about women in their 30's. Most of the 30 year old women in my family are chismosas (Spanish slang for women who always gossip about others) and they rarely ever have anything nice to say to anyone.
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Definitely my peers and teenagers. I love older people they just seem to be less judgmental. I thought it was just me all this time. My best friend was 30 years older than me and my boyfriend over 20 years older. It works. We've been together a year and a half. Young people are scary.


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Um, everyone? I have always felt awkward around other people's kids, which makes me feel really guilty now that I have one of my own. Teenagers and young adults make me feel like a loser since they usually appear to be ahead of me in life, as do people my age. Middle-aged people tend to be better adjusted than I am, even if they had issues when they were my age, they have worked through them, and old people pretty much make me depressed and I don't know what to say to them--especially my grandpa who is in a nursing home. I feel like I should be able to have a conversation with him, but we've never had that kind of relationship, so I don't see it happening now.
My anxiety does not discriminate based on age--it depends more on the indivdual.


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Mostly people in their 20's-30's, I guess?
I may just be equally anxious around anyone with a pulse, though...
I'm not out enough to say for sure.