This May Sound a Bit Bizarre? Opinions?


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Well, sometimes my anxiety stems from the fact that I don't have a "feminine-enough" face. Sometimes I feel that I even look like a guy. This is just one of my many insecurities...

I'm 23 years old, so I shouldn't even be dealing with this at this point in my life. But it really sucks and I don't know why I feel this way. I look at other women my age and I feel that they look so much more feminine than I do.

So, I'm going to post a few pics and see what the people on here think. Do you think I have a masculine face?

121204_0009.jpg photo by jenna_apple_b | Photobucket
DSC05556.jpg photo by jenna_apple_b | Photobucket
DSC07607.jpg photo by jenna_apple_b | Photobucket

I really DO think that I have a masculine face, or at least it's not very feminine. It's so long. But the sad thing is that I let how I think of myself get in the way of my interactions when it shouldn't even matter. I become anxious that they will see all of my insecurities which makes me feel even worse.

Please be honest in your opinions. Thank you!


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i think you're very attractive, and quite feminine

i've always been drawn to angular facial features such as yours

and to be really honest, i think you are prettier and more feminine looking than the other women you are standing next to in the photograph who have the soft, round, "feminine" faces
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hi well done for posting a pic i couldnt do it. i think you look very femining in your pic your actually a very good looking woman :)


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i think you're very attractive, and quite feminine

i've always been drawn to angular facial features such as yours

and to be really honest, i think you are prettier and more feminine looking than the other women you are standing next to in the photograph who have the soft, round, "feminine" faces
I have to agree you don;t have a masculine face at all atleast not to me anyway.


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If you worry about your looks, it's like someone walking around in the desert and wondering where to find the next tanning salon.
I think that your getting this illusion of masculinity mainly because of your insecurities, and also because of your overall facial structure. Your very skinny, and you appear to be one of those people which have a biological tendency to have a low presentage of body fat in their body, in general. That sometimes creates the illusion of having a of more aggressively structured face, which is often associated with masculinity. Simply put, its not really masculine - but is it boney (as in, bones).

Its not that you have a masculine face, you simply need to gain some weight to better balance your overall structure. And i`m sure that plenty of women here would love to trade places with you, in that department. I think that if you go on a proper consuming based diet, maybe even work out a bit to properly balance your body, possibly even apply small touches of makeup, you can look as feminine as you want. Dont get me wrong - I think that you look great just the way you are - but if you insist on changing your overall sense of self presentation - than maybe my advice can help you in achieving that! :) and if you wanna hear something ironic, I have a very feminine structured face (for a guy), and I also have the same hair color / style of hair, and the same eye color as you.
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I remember you from some time ago,not gonna lie lol you are really beautiful,if thats manly I must be going crazy lol.


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I agree with everyone above, you're very beautiful. But you do have slightly masculine-features. Although had I seen your pictures Before you mentioned it, I don't know if I'd have felt that way. But because I was looking for that, I do kind of see it. However, it doesn't detract from your beauty. Objectively and superficially speaking, you're above average lookswise. And honestly, each of us focuses on our "flaws" or physical appearances way much more than others notice. So even if you are or continue to be self-conscious about that aspect of your looks, I doubt most care or critique in such detail. Besides, as everyone who's responded to you, me included, have said - you're very pretty. And the last I'll say is that women with "soft" features are a dime a dozen. If you notice a lot of the popular models over the years, Kate Moss, Heidi Klum, etc. - runway models especially - they also have what would be considered "masculine" features. So, you may even stand out because of it. In a good way.


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I think your face is attractive. And I think there's a sweet and delicate-ness to it that I very much associate with femininity.

Also, there's no shame in feeling insecure and physical insecurities are quite common and hard. I think shame is so deeply entrenched in social phobia, that on the conscious level it's worthwhile to recognize. Or else you become ashamed of being ashamed.


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Masculine?!....Huh?! I really hope you get over this insecurity (AND FAST) because you're completely wrong. As a guy, I can tell you that you're very attractive and very, very feminine!
You look like a model in your last picture! WOW!.......You are however, like the rest of us, "ill". It sounds like you have Body Dysmorphic Disorder.......I have OCD, Depression and SA. I know it's not so easy as being able to "just believe" and get it out of your head.
.......Anyway, keep smiling because you're a knock-out. :)


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Well I respectfully disagree with you looking like a tom-boy.
Your eyes and mouth/lips are beautifully feminine. I'm not a make-up promoting person, but just as a way of letting yourself see your beauty, eye make up and lip color will highlight your already pretty eyes and lips, and you might see yourself differently :)


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You have a great looking slim athelatic body, your very lucky! Anyway back to point, if you are really worried about how your face comes across how about a few private lessons with a makeup artist? I think your face has great potential to look really good with makeup and if you apply the taught tactics to your everyday routine it'll help you feel more confident. That said, I think you look happy and attractive all the same makeup free :)