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  • ((hugs)) hope things get better... Can you go for a walk in the park or something? Or to the library?
    Hey Dean ((hugz)) Sorry to hear things have not been going well... Are you in exam season and it's stressful, or have parents been bothering you? Hope things get better!!
    We've already got a member called Dean, think of something else and PM me
    Oh, don't worry about it. I hadn't noticed any rude behavior from you, so there's no need to apologize. ;3
    Thanks & You're welcome lol :).
    I'm doing decently. I'm usually depressed lol, but haven't been for the past week or so, so it's refreshing. How are you?
    Thank you for accepting my friend request Mr. Sheppard i hope you are having a great day full of sunshine and smiles or if your having a starry starry night wherever you may be :).
    hey that's good to hear :) i haven't really looked again, gonna have to have a word with my mom about it or something to get one sorted.
    yeah i joined up to some random music related forums, one called 'back to the old skool' and been going on the forums for a while as well, pretty interesting, it's a good way to hear about more music
    i'm off for about 2 weeks tomorrow so i'll catch you inabit dean!
    Hi Dean, No problem :)

    Im not too bad, just feeling a bit lonely. but overall i'm ok. Im just about to go out on my bike.

    What about you? how are you doing?
    Must me something in the air if were all feeling positive,hope you have a good day with it being your bro's birthday.Speak soon mate
    No worries,thanks for requesting me as a friend! Surprisingly I'm feeling more positive today so I'm trying to act on it.What about yourself?
    so you're gonna add me to your "friends".. but never say "hi"? :eek: How rude.... :D Kidding, what up dude?
    cheers! ive joined a few other forums as well recently, keeps me entertained when i cant think what else to do :) lol
    ah nothing yet? hopefully something'll come up ;), i was thinking of looking for one as well
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