So my fellow Americans...where are you from?~

I'm not from America, but I've always wanted to live in THE country of the world where it all happens.
I might move after I have enough money, I already got the right friends to help me out.

Yes We Can

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Hey everybody, born and raised in NYC.. lived in 2 of the 4 outer boroughs, lived in Manhattan briefly, and also lived in South Carolina briefly some years ago.. Now, back in NYC.
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Wow. I'm so boring. I was born in the same city and state. Lived there all my life.
It's not boring, if everyone had to move to a different state once they reached a certain age then you couldn't have that united (sometimes inbred) community feeling. I joke of course, I'm from Kansas, born in Kansas, currently residing here and will probably die here too. There's not a lot to do here but I can let my children walk to school, play in the yard and visit a friends house a couple blocks away with very little worry. Go Midwest


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NYC, but not Manhattan. When most people hear NYC they think of the city, but I'm in one of the other boroughs. It's nice and quiet and the city is 30 minutes away. Perfect place to be, I think.
You mean the other boroughs aren't just cardboard cutouts propped up against the sky? lol Pardon my humor.
Me too, where in Texas if you don't mind me asking? I'm from Denton myself.

Now that I've looked through the topic, there's quite a lot of people from Texas. I actually want to move though, I hate that the instant people think of Texas they think of rednecks, cowboys (and cowboy hats), boots, and country music, pretty much everything that annoys me. We gave the music world Pantera, you're welcome metal heads!