So my fellow Americans...where are you from?~

Huh, don't think I've seen this thread before, how strange. Or have I?

I'm from Massachusetts, Boston area.

Yes, it's cold here but we have hot summers too, believe it or not. No, it doesn't snow all the time (although we do have long, tiring winters). No, I do not have a traditional Boston accent.

I think that covers the most common questions Bostonians receive :)


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NYC, but not Manhattan. When most people hear NYC they think of the city, but I'm in one of the other boroughs. It's nice and quiet and the city is 30 minutes away. Perfect place to be, I think.
Ca! Monterey-area...totally think forum-based meetups are the way to go!(I ran acrossa couple threads regarding meetups...hope to organize one myself sometime)


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Living in Atlanta, Georgia. Home of the Atlanta Chickens.....I mean Pigeons.....or wait...Peacocks. Some kind of bird.....Falcons?! Ah who cares...I'm born and raised in Louisiana so Saints all the way!!