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  • What it amounts to, yes. I can't feel my emotions, but I do know they're there. I'm just a hollow body living out the days of its locked-in master.
    My heart is dead, not my body. And it's a pun/reference to Deadman Wonderland, an anime/manga series that I enjoy.
    demn thats not fair xD btw idk if u will have the possibility to give the free pizza from my car because i think ill eat it xD i didnt tought about it i need someother idea ^^ btw im sorry for how u feel right now =( idk how is ur situation with ur family but dont feel that bad i dont like to see u sad i wanna see u smiling otherwise ill really own u in london 2012 ^^
    so u are into super tech bed wheels car too?xD btw i ll telepathy the crowd sound so ur sound barrier will be pwned =P 3days in a row? lolz ok ok u are strong opponent then but never as me =P i rox baby and i ll get the gold medal =P but will be nice challenge so pizza its ur weakness...nice to know ^^ ill put pizza stuff instead of wheels or even better pizza wheels!! ^^ i could even shape my bed in the shape of pizza ^^ btw ive just readed that u are not feeling that good today if u need to talk or vent dont make any problems and feel free to talk if u want or need or even if u need some lessons in bed wheel race =P lolz
    lolz naaa mine its better it has also the helmet so in that way i can even sleep in peace while the crowd call my name =P lolz jk ^^ anyways not bad it will be a very good challenge but i warn u that im very trained in that =P i might bring some mozzarella pizzas in the challenge for distract u lol ^^
    So we will challenge eachother at london 2012? on the bed wheels ultima race?xD well thats my "car bed for the race ^^ lolz xD
    yes!! it is ^^ i like the cheese on pizza and something that its called "mozzarella"=P with "prosciutto and funghi but one day i went to another city here in italy with the school and tried the best pizza ever one day i wanna go back there ^^ sometimes i dream to that place that its pictured in my mind xD
    oh yeah u are true in london 2012 it will be the most claimed activity =P im training since i ve born for this event =P there is also the bonus even the 100m races on bed wheels =P will u join it?^^ u never tried italian pizza?? then u never tried pizza =P lolz u must try ^^ its here where it born and well its just good but i like kebab too , u like it? and btw i <3 spieces i almost put it everywhere ^^
    wow thanks ^^ my clown diet worked a bit then =P btw dont laught im in a weird position like if i was very straight with my back because of tummy hurtings because before i got cramps i was like the kids that play in the ground but i wasnt really playing but just trying to "survive" to cramps =P but now its getting better aslo thanks for ur kittens xD btw u just ate pizza? omg! pizza its <3 have u tried italian pizza?=P and what is cinnamon? it seems a pokemon lolz =P and about the sports yes i <3 play basket its one of the few times in which i can forget my rpoblems and just enjoy it ^^ but i like also the sport of sleep =P i know that its not officially recognized yet but stiill ^^
    Stella! i tought u forgot me xD btw im just doing abs and jumping with the chord xD i wanna try to jump taller when i play basket =P but my tummy hurting im not used to do that lolz =P btw i ve seen that u are finding good in the forum =) im happy for u and btw nice avatar nice cats i like a lot the cats ^^ btw how is going?
    Hey another NC resident, welcome :) Theres only like two of us here as far as I know.
    FYI, the chat room in here doesn't see much traffic. Most people go here: Mibbit IRC client widget

    Though it too is often dead until late evening time. There are a few people in there right now, and you're more than welcome to join us.

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