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  • Oh aye Scotland's a beautiful country. Tha people on tha otherhand... Naw, only kiddin', they're great as well. We're a good laugh when we're no' drunk an' fightin' wi' each other.

    Ah like, naw actually, ah luv tha Scottish accent masel' - mainly because it's funny. An' we can git away wi' sayin' stuff that wouldnae be as funny if said in a different accent.
    Aye, well, if ah get a decent microphone and mixer setup, ah might post summit in tha future.

    Ah've only ever recorded ma voice once an' didnae like whit ah heard back. Then again ah've never ben a confident speaker - mair of a stutterin' nervous wreck.

    Ah also worry coz, stereotypically, tha Scottish accent on a guy usually sounds scary an' threatenin'. Which is ma main reason fur no' like tha accent aw that much. Mind you, it's great for deadpan humour.
    Aye, me anaw. :sarcastic: See whit ah did there? A wee jokey joke. Och well, mibbe yin day, eh? :) Ah still need a bit mair confidence in masel'... And a few drinks.

    Though, ah still feel wee bit self-conscious aboot tha auld Scottish accent - more so talkin' in it than writin' in it... Though, that's another story. :bigsmile: Anyway, eh... Thanks fur tha compliment, hen. ;)
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