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  • Hi.Im still voluntarying in Brockwell park one day week and Im still working part time in the resturant.The flowers in the walled garden in the park at the moment are stunning and there are so many different types.The garden is over a hundred years old I think.Its good to hear from you.How are your studies going and have you been doing anything fun in your leisure time.
    Im still working part time and voluntarying which is good I guess.Even though its spring time the weather is very unspring like.It has been snowing most of the day.Hopefully the weather will get better soon.Is it spring were you are.
    Hi.Good luck to you and looking forward can be a good thing. I enjoyed our chats.Feel free to leave me a message if you come back to the site in the future.
    I saw your post a while ago, but never responded. I am now. I hope you do well in life, if you still ever need to talk, I would be happy too. Good luck lemonheadziccini.
    To all whom visit this page (and care) , I wont be visiting this sight any longer. Its not because I didnt find the people here agreeable (everyone was actually nice), its because I decided to go about life positively and not dwell on problems ^.^ Though i must say things have improved immensely! Ill expecially miss Nathalia, Shyindian, Valhalla, and Ransfordrowe. Hope things improve with you guys too :p toodles
    Hi.Caffine is a big stimulant that can be addictive.Lots of coffees and tea have caffine in it. You seem to be a bright person so you probably new all that already.I dont smoke and rarely drink but what do you think about these products.I probably eat too much chocalate but I excercise by walking alot.The main chocalates I eat are snickers and Cadebury Dairy milk.Also I bake quite alot.
    No problem.I dont think I have seen lemonhead sweets in the shop.What does it taste like.We get alot of US brand goods in England.England imports alot of goods from around the world actually.Particularly from the far east such as China.It would be better if more people bought goods made in England.Do you have any favourite sweets.
    Lol.I dont understand why people like to watch horror movies so they get scared.The real world is scary enough for me.Lol.The last movie I saw was a few days ago on dvd.It was called Igor and I enjoyed it.The animation was distinctive and similar to Tim Burtons animated movies.Animation has a magically fairy tale quality that really appeals to me.I like regular movies too.
    Polliticians are often not respected in the UK either due various financial allegations,broken promises.I find politics quite interesting and it does influence most aspects of peoples lives.Its hard ti follow at times and can be dull which puts alot of people of.Obama seems to be trying to give more people access to health care and other things.Have you seen any good tv and movies recently.
    Huh I never thought about it like that. NO!! I dont like politics at all >.< Its all very annoying all the false claims and such.. thats why if i ever vote it'll just be for whoever has the coolest hair maybe. maybe he has done a few good things i just haven't noticed
    Guilt and paranoia often go together.Are you interested in the Obama, the Democrates and Republicans.Do you Obama has done any good things
    I hope you dont feel guility about your lower levels of anxiety.Anxiety is unpleasant regardless of the level and its good that yours is not extreme.High levels of anxiety is one of the worse things someone can suffer from.Bank holidays originaly were to do with banks (boo) being closed on that day.Todsy the banks still close for that day. Its more about workers having a day off.Most workers have the day off not all.Im not particularly religious but I dont have a big problem with it as long as its not a extreme one.
    Good to hear that you are making friends at school.Its a lonely place at school,college without it.Does anxiety affect you at school and day to day.I looked up labor day online.In the UK I dont think we have a day the specifically celebrates the working person.We have Bank Holidays were most people have a day off.
    You sound like someone that meets a challenge head on.What were some of the highlights of your week and what are your favourite subjects.When I get my pay packet from work, Im planning to go on a day trip somewhere in England.Im not sure were yet.
    Most people have at least one teacher they really liked and one teacher they really dislike.My school days were a mixture of bitter and sweet experiences.Learning new things is something I really enjoyed when I was younger and I still do today.Are you looking forward to the new year at school or not.
    Most of the people on the site are from the US and Im not sure how the education system works in the US compared to in England.What are you studying in high school and what are your teachers like.
    The website fine art america has some of his paintings on there or you could use google if you wanted to.Which college do you go to and what are the teachers and students like.
    I try not to analysis paintings too deeply.For me its about the shapes and colours plus the emotion they cause within me.I have an an active imagination and I view Dali paintings as images you might see in a dream.Bright colours fantastical images.A dreamlike fantasy world from his imagination.
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