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I got a zero.
But seriously, you must be careful to interpret the questions the right way. For example, "I share absolutely nothing with others" must be taken to mean "ABSOLUTELY nothing with ANYONE else I might ever know in the world", or "I hear or see things others can't see" must not be taken as "I pay attention to a lot of small details that other people generally don't care about".
That test is supposed to check whether you have psychosis or not. If you are schizophrenic you have psychosis, which means you can lose contact with reality... So you "hear or see things other can't see or hear", for example you are convinced that aliens are talking to you and want to convince you to take over the world for them... for example. But you must be convinced of that, you must take such things as real. So, for example, intrusive crazy thoughts are not "psychosis", because you recognize they aren't real.

That's schizophrenia and psychosis, as far as I know (but I might be wrong). :)


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20 but this test is bs! U have to realize that even if you answer anything other that not at all on these quizzes it is going to tell you u may have it or something like is like this with online disease quizzes and that is why i do not pay any attention to them!
i got 5. i agree is kind of BS and if taken very seriously these tests can create even more mess in our heads


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I got 1

The test even sounds like a joke

"I have magical powers that nobody else has or can explain" wtf :p

Is schizophrenia even a real condition? I've read up on it countless times and i still cant begin to explain it!
24. Oh well. I have been diagnosed with having schizophrenia before so makes no diff. I think it's a ****load of crap, they even diagnose psychics as being schizo because they have premonitions. Which in the medical world translates to = crazy.


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I got a 1... So I guess all three of us (me, myself, and I) are okay...Yeah right... :D (I'm trying to be funny, so laugh at my post please!)