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  • I hope so! Physics is such a drag sometimes (pardon the pun). Bit of a boring combination really! I could have chosen much more inventively :p I used to do English but had to drop it because of my commitment to Science :( I used to love it so!

    Wow that's brilliant! You also have a large range of jobs/stuff you can do with those subjects! Especially with languages as abundant as Spanish and Arabic! I used to dream of being a traveller myself some time before I started developing social fears. One day I hope to :)
    What do you want to do/work as?
    Hey there :p Nopeee I am not studying history. I am in sixthform and I am studying Chemistry, Physics and Biology. I hope to study Pharmacy next year
    How about you? :)
    Hey dude, hows things? I'm living in Ireland now but I'm originally from Leeds. I lived near the football stadium in a place called Churwell. Pretty small so properly dont know it. Where abouts are you?
    Hi, sorry I didn't reply to your message for ages! We're not very good at communications, are we? ::p: How did your exams go? I just got word recently that I passed mine so I'm happy out about that, in to final year now, so that'll be...difficult! But I love it so hopefully that'll help. I'm doing a science degree, sort of medical sciences I guess, like anatomy and physiology and pharmacology, but my degree will be in just pharmacology. What are you studying? That's so cool that you're going to morrocco! Good luck with it, it might be hard sometimes but it'll be so worth it, in getting your degree and in getting over your anxieties and stuff!
    I'm from Ireland by the way, from Galway, it's a lovely chilled out relaxed city...though around here we call it the graveyard of ambition, cos you could end up spending your entire life hanging out on the beach and going drinking, it's a bit too relaxed! ::p: Where in england are you from?
    Hey, that's cool, you seem like a nice guy from your posts, so I just thought 'why not' and added a load of people...and what do you know, they accepted, lol. Hope you're doing good madmike! :) Any exciting events in your life of late? :rolleyes:
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