Post your random thoughts/feelings etc

i can't find my tool cd...someone has moved it...someone's gonna die...i want to listen to it NOW :mad:

edit: nevermind i forget the side of the case is blank and looks like a generic case and pass over it. I'm dumb.

/rock out :cool:

2nd edit: it's someone's gonna die...
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I'm going on a plane today. Alone!
It scares me, not the fact I'm going to be in the sky (okay, that freaks me out!!) but just I don't know what to do.. where I'll go, when to catch the plane, where to go when I have to get off the plane and catch the second flight and just all the basic things I have to do and say.
I hope my mum writes me a script, otherwise I'll have a panic attack!!!!
I just can't do things on my own.
I can't write my own scripts though, someone else (mum) has to do it for me.

The butterflies in my tummy are going crazy! I think they are going to break their way out of my skin.

Anxiety, leave me aloooone!
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Phocas, I didn't put that lurking hour to the best of uses, I was up at 4:47am, after a 9 hour sleep.

I felt like I fit in today at cross country. Lots of people were talking to me, and I thought I am a part of this. I've been postive and honest and people respect this.


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Daylight savings has finished, so there is this extra hour lurking around...
I was up during that time - 2 am to 3 am happens, and then the clock resets to 2 am again, so that hour happens twice. How do records indicate in which 2 am to 3 am something took place?
I got a user title! I feel like one of the grownups.

This picture makes me smile. I used to collect bouncy balls as a kid. I don't think I ever had this many, and none that glowed in the dark.