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in a VAN down by the RIVER




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Now is the glimmering spinning beginning
Of something I've prayed for and counted the minutes
To be in the shadows of sheltering meadows
Of night here with you in my arms
Nothing is breathing as sunset is leaving
Except you and I in the stillness of moonlight
We're tenderly touching in silent caresses
Counting on time to slow down
This is the moment that pauses to hold us
As you and I move in a background of wonder
Surrounded by countless enclosures
Of nocturnal unspoken music of joy
Counting times I have stood at the foot of your ivory tower
And waited and called out your name by the hour
And counted on wings of my heartstrings to carry the sound I have counted on fleeting
You'd see how I need you come down
And now between twilight and midnight you've come to me
Down in your gown of soft moonbeams and starlight
Bright in the evening the breezes have fenced us
And nestled against us
You're here
And warm
And mine till the time when the dawn will awake me,
The morning will shake me, the highway will take me
But now while the rays of the moon make bouquets
We will swim in the luster of lingering streetlights
And count on the night to hold everything even
And count on forgetting that I will be leaving
When heaven has folded and let in the dawn, I'll be gone
But now as the gardens of softening nighttine
Are blossoming slowly around where we are
You and I come together and walk through the dreams of the stars
So here while song of the deepening evening
Is singing to me from the light in your eyes
We can count on each other to move to the beach of tomorrow
And know where we've been