Post your favourite music


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I'm not posting a vid because i cba finding it xD

But what i listen to depends on what kinda mood i'm in or what i'm doing. When i'm Drawing/writing/revising i listen to classical because it helps me concentrate. When i'm chilling i listen to radiohead or something. When im walking to school i listen to rock/dance/indie/alternative stuff on my iPod. here are a few artists just so you can get an idea

The Prodigy, Tool, Led Zeppelin, The Stone Roses, Smashing pumpkins, Maximo Park, Green Day, New Order, The Happy Mondays, Pink Floyd, Jimi hendrix, The Jam, Pendulum, The Kidney Theives, Queen, Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers.. chances are if it's rock or from the 90's i like it.

in the classical department: Beethoven, Boccherini, Vivaldi, Wagner, Tchaikovsky Mozart.. dont have a huge classical taste atm because i've just started to really enjoy it.

Hehe :)


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Three songs from one of my favourite bands, Goldfrapp. Will Gregory is a musical genius and Alison Goldfrapp is both beautiful and possessed of an incredible voice. Lovely Head is from their first album, Felt Mountain. It sounds sort of like a less angst-ridden Portishead with gothic overtones and some amusingly twisted lyrics. The video features Alison assaulting trees and hurling patio furniture down a hill. Strict Machine is sourced from their second album, Black Cherry. It's a throbbing dose of psychedelic, disco-influenced electronica, and Will Gregory's synthesizer work is jaw-dropping. Last but not least we have Happiness, taken from their Seventh Tree album. Though the video is genuinely hilarious, the song is a sugar-coated diatribe against self-help gurus, tele-evangelists and other money-grubbing charlatans who will drain you of your life savings in exchange for the secret to "being happy". Goldfrapp are not so much a band as they are a religious experience, and they never fail to either put a smile on my face or send a shiver down my spine. Highly recommended.

YouTube - Goldfrapp - Lovely head (Version 1)

YouTube - Goldfrapp - Strict Machine

YouTube - Goldfrapp - Happiness
Rory Gallagher's Moonchild.... as abvious :)
Rock music, rock ballads, also reggae and jazz.
Used to be a very angry teenager though listening to uk punk
and north european black metal. But now I''m too old for this...

I have no idea how to post link here but I really really love these:

- Radiohead-Street Spirit.

- Motorpsycho-Stalemate
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