Post a photo of where you live


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Same here, in my case is a city so there's only buildings, buildings here, buildings there, ohh look there's a tree...made of buildings. Sure there are beautiful landscapes but i don't have any pics, yeah i could google "Madrid" and find plenty but thats no fun, the cool thing would be taking pics from those places and posting them here...maybe one day...

Btw i hate the Word "beach" to me It sounds so similar to "bitch" that i cant say things like "i love the beaches in "insert a placer" without feeling wrong!
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Oh i think it's a pretty town, did you took those pics? a pity your experiences there aren't as good :(
No, I napped them off my local newspaper’s official website. :giggle:

As for pretty? Meh! I’m not going to argue with ya on that point. I mean, for all I know, some tourist might consider the place to be a great wee town? :idontknow: I guess my pessimistic feelings towards the place have a lot to do with having been raised and lived in the town my whole life.

To me, there’s not a lot to do in the town, as far as going out is concerned. It used to have a movie theatre.... 18 years ago. But the local council thought it was a great idea to close it down, and reopen it as Indian restaurant around the mid-2000s. A venture that went bust after a few short years. It was doing better business as a local cinema.

Don’t get me wrong, my town is grand if ya fancy a pint, or want to pop into the local cafe for a drink; or yer wanting a tattoo done. But aside fae that, there’s nothing.
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One of my local beaches :bigsmile:
That’s so beautiful wow....

I am so excited to be able to live closer to the ocean now, too. It’s like a completely different world when you have a beach almost to yourself it’s a little piece of heaven. For me, just sticking my toes in the warm sand makes me happy :) I might have to go crabbing or clamming soon. I do like to eat shell fish and fish in general. Yummy! Gimme some crab legs lol


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Haha yes he was/IS a big baby and he is scared of a silly little turtle! He’s like “Mom! What is that?!” Lol
But he’s more interested in food :p