Most enjoyable vid gaming you've had to date?


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I always enjoy the LOZ, pokemon, animal crossing and generally most rp games. If I had to pick the one thats brought me the most joy its probably going to be one of the earlier Mario Kart or Mario Party games (as in N64 era) because they were always great fun as a kid and so when I manage to get someone to play with now its got the added nostalgia bonus.


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Hard for me to pick a top 5. I've played a lot of games, but I always tend to stick with what I've always liked instead of trying anything new. Like Loyal, I've thoroughly enjoyed RPG's. LoZ, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing for me too. I think some of the best games for me - besides those three series - include The Sims, Shadowgate (old point-and-click adventure from the 80s on the classic NES), Borderlands, Super Mario Bros 3 (the only Mario game I absolutely love), and Spyro the Dragon.