Finally i found a way to get rid of the Mini-Messenger bar. Yippee!!! :D:D

There is no option anywhere in settings to disable it, so i had to find another way (as i don't use it anymore - so WHY should it stay there, & make pages slower to load??)

The way is this: (for Firefox browsers only)
1) Get the "Remove It Permanently" (RIP) extension
2) Right-click the MM bar --> Select the RIP option to remove it
3) Go to RIP options --> Alter this new RIP to "*"
Now the MM bar will never be loaded again!!! :D:D

* May want to select "go offline" before do this (?)
* In options you can then remove RIP from mouse context menu (in case don't want it there)


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The webmaster seems to be doing some changes to the website at the moment, I guess we have to bare with it for a while.
Is anyone else getting script errors on this site? I think it might be the chatbox causing it because the messages always seem to mention it.


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I still cant see it. It pops up one out of ten times for me.. even when it does, when I type something in the message box, it disappears.Is there anyway I can fix this?