I'm back!


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Hey! I'm not actually new I've actually been a member a loooong time. I just have a tendency to come and go. I've panic disorder and agoraphobia but I'm managing its very well atm. I'm living in a new state and have grown quite lonely and I'm worried I might fall back into my old ways, so I thought "HEY! SPW!" I'm also looking for my friend Jack who was also a member here years ago but we started messaging on wechat. I havent heard from him in a long while and was lowkey worried. Problem is that I cant remember his screen name. So hopefully he will pop on here one day and see this! *fingers crossed he still visits here*


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Welcome back! If you and your friend used to converse on here, maybe you can click on your name and find the conversation between you two in the messages section. I don't think SPW ever deletes the old messages and one of your conversations could spark you to remember his screen name. Unfortunately, many people have left so even if you find his screen name, it's probably a good chance he's no longer here.


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