I love COFFEE (inspired by i love tea)

I've heard coffee is bad on the heart say it isn't so? More reason I choose Tea over coffee :p I can binge drink tea and still be alive tommorow!


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I've always heard that coffee is an acquired taste. I guess I'll never know since I didn't like it the first time I tried it and I'm certainly not going to waste money trying it again.


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White no sugar, i love coffee but i've had to cut it down lately because it makes my anxiety worse.

Yummy recipe:
Frangelico Affogato

30ml Frangelico
3 scoops ice-cream
1 shot espresso

Pour Frangelico and espresso over ice-cream, serve with a sprinkle of chocolate. Enjoy :)


Being a PC gamer, I'm am well acquainted with caffeine and indeed I do enjoy coffee. Every sip makes me all warm and tingly inside. :)