Gamers: Post your screenshots!


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FFXIV beta! I'm so damn cute!
Oh god I'm so jealous...........
I remember getting in to the closed beta when it first started, but my computer can't handle it so I had to opt out.
I played FFXI and loved it but had to quit because of my ex.. and then I fell in love with XIV.. I hope I can get money up for a better compy.. but FFXIV requires such high specs its quite expensive for me.


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Yeah on PC.

Also got a "sexy" character. Just trying to watch a parade then some monster out of a Tim Burton movie tries to eat me. EPIC Final Fantasy cutscene ensues.
is the game any good? I got tired of mmo lately I find they all play the same and requires little to no strategy at all.

plus FF XIII was pretty boring for the most parts


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Remus did you try torrents for the bigger files?

The game so far is a grindfest in between the storyline quest type stuff. I hate grinding for its own sake. Slap a quest of kill 10 of these and give me items/gil/xp and that makes me happier. Make me hunt mobs for hours on end for xp/loot and I just get bored. I don't know why that is. Maybe cause I don't get awesome emotional cutscenes when I do that. :p


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^ LOL that's why I hate Solitaire. There's always a way to figure that dilemma out, but I never do. It's just way over my head I guess :(

I prefer Minesweeper or Pinball lol
my win rate is 16% in Solitaire out of the 1,500 games I've played this year on my laptop

it's challenging, and the Vista graphics are pretty awesome, too!


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Some weirdo animals in this game...

Wow just noticed the in game screenshot function puts a copyright on the bottom of the pictures. O_O
:( Making me more and more jealous. God it looks beautiful, I've been following the Eorzeapedia website for ages to.


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it does look beautiful....but then again, every new FF game that comes out makes every other game around it look like a piece of ****. lol


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Well I do have issues with the grind aspect. Also you can't jump and a lot of the terrain is even little streams you can't even fall the short distance from the bank you HAVE to go the certain route sometimes. I hate that. In WoW and LotRO I jump off things like crazy. I jump for no reason at all. It makes the FF world feel heavy and less immersive. IRL we can jump fences and small distances at least to traverse the terrain.

It is certainly interesting....I just haven't seen an mmo that has combined all the good things yet. Its like they want to ruin your fun in one way or the other. :p


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I played 2 years of FFXI so I'm used to the grinding aspect. There's tons more to do then just grind in FFXI though so I'm sure they'll add lots of neat stuff to XIV after commercial release. Jumping would be neat to though :p
I might get me a low budget spec comp at some point to play.