Gamers: Post your screenshots!

petrified eyes

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2: OH NO! 1 is down.
2: This is 2 taking command.
2: 6, Engage SHILKA.
6: Engaging.
2: Damn, 6 is down.
2: 8, Engage SHILKA.
8: Negative.

I played it so much, I heard it in my sleep!


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So many games with super graphics.. so allow me to ruin them with.. Sega Saturn!

Shining Force 3~
Yeah I don't have any of the new generation systems.


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^ you got the beta? What system? I'm guessing Windows? I haven't heard of it for PS3. Grrr...I'm gonna hate myself probably for getting it because I hated XIII. Your archer kid is cute lol


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yeah if there's anything Final Fantasy is good for these days, it's their mega-dollar production value cutscenes lol. That's pretty much the reason I trudged through XIII.


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eeeehehehehe!!! :D

....seriously though, i just played that sh!t for like 15 minutes trying to get a good screenshot of me about to win.. and all it did was piss me off and make me realize how ill i get with solitaire... "no, i need a black queen before you try to give me that red jack you bitch game!!" lmao =/


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^ LOL that's why I hate Solitaire. There's always a way to figure that dilemma out, but I never do. It's just way over my head I guess :(

I prefer Minesweeper or Pinball lol