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Routine changed up..or shortened once again.....Now I do 1 hour bike, 1000 reps on cardioglide, & 30 minutes boxing on Monday's Wednesday's & Friday's.

Tuesday's & Thursday's I do 1 hour on bike, & 2000 reps on cardioglide.

It averages out to be just a tick over 2 hours of exercise each weekday that way...of course I rest for a bit in between each activity so it does take more than two hours to be done for the day, just depends on how tired I am...sometimes I do the 2000 reps straight through with out stoping...but most times i do 1000 & then take break before doing the next 1000.

I havent been on scales in long time...I'm just keeping on keeping on...at some point i may check again...but I guess it dont really matter so much now...I have lost a ton of weight & now I am just keeping with my plan & hope the rest will take care of its self without me obsessing over numbers.


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Added something new to my Tuesday & Thursday workouts....10 minutes on stair stepper machine I noticed it in someones yard with a sign that said free. Awesome deal huh?



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I don't really need an exercise log but here goes:


lift weights, bench press, barbell rows, squats, jumping, agility stuff etc...

I run 45-1 hour everyday.

I also do wrestling, which is one of the hardest sports in the US.
You can't really know until you do it...but i do that 2.5 hours everyday(well not now until it starts again)


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Found nice hardly used rowing machine at garage sale recently...now do 10 minutes of that (bout 150 rows with tension set pretty stiff) on my monday wednesday & friday workouts.

20 bucks :)



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Added back some free weights to my tuesday & Thursday workouts... 50 reps here & there.. shoulders(press & also butterfly is it called?), triceps & biceps.. so that makes 200


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Glad you're keeping up with your routines. I've been biking for about twenty miles almost everyday and am now able to hit the punching bag again since the wound on my middle right knuckle (from getting carried away) has scabbed and healed.
I just finished a brisk walk in the park, 30 minutes. I'm tired and sweaty but I finally got some exercise. Note to self: take a shower after brisk walk not before. Btw it's 80 degrees in the shade, 100+ in the sun, and mostly sunny today.


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It bears repeating until its ground in to everyones DNA...diet is the most important aspect to get where you're going. I spent months and months not getting anywhere because I thought training was the most important thing, but its really not as important as diet

The thing nobody ever tells you when you start trying to build some muscle, eventually you have to buy all new clothes...my favorite jeans are getting uncomfortable to wear because my thighs have grown so much


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Ok... about a month ago or so I started to ride my bike on bike rides again.. since its nice out now & i am now in shape I can ride it comfortably once again....when I do that I burn enough calories that it takes the place of my normal stationary bike routine for that day...I have managed different distances here & there on a local trail that I love & mixed in a little bit of road riding here & there as well...one day I managed 30 miles without stoping...another day I did 26......12.5 miles has started to be the norm here the last few rides...i burn around 1000 calories with that.... in all Im still getting atleast 2.5 hours of exercise per week day..sometimes more cause of bike ride...& i have also been riding on the weekend now too.

I also recently purchased a polar F11 heartrate watch..really cool piece been wanting one for some time...keeps track of my exercise & calories burned for entire week & saves them in file for comparing later...its like a personal trainer on my wrist..lets you set a calorie burn goal for the week..it also keeps track of your progress through a fitness test that it has you take when you begin exercise & it adjusts your heartrate target zones accordingly for maximum benefit.

This June I will be riding in a local bike ride event that I signed up for & My best friend will be riding with me....the ride is being put on by the group that is helping to finish constuction on the trail...the ride will be 26 miles & there will be many many riders..should be good experience for us as well as give a sense of accomplishment socialy & physicaly.
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I'm feeling motivated by all this talk of exercise, so I'm gonna do half an hour on my stepper in a bit! Did 35 mins yesterday plus some stretches and toning exercises :D
I just got back into biking and in the past week have biked 35 miles :) I'm also try to go to the gym more often for strength training than I have been, but i'm feeling alot more socially uncomfortable lately. Hopefully it passes. :cool:


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My New Baby :) ... LifeFitness LifeCycle 9500HR...so happy to finally get one..totally awesome stationary bike..been wanting it & needing a new bike for ages.


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I entered a 12k marathon on sunday, it was mostly up steep hills. I ended up finishing just under 3 hours which is very slow but i got my name in the local paper, a certificate and i won a gym membership which i already have lol.

Next week I'm going back to the gym.
Have you not been working out long? If not then it's common- your lungs aren't used to the stress and neither is your circulatory system. Doing cardio as well will help you build cardiac endurance :)


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Back near the end of February I decided it's been way too long since I did any regular exercise, so I started with something I figured I could handle: doing 10 push ups and 10 curls three times a week. And at the time that was about all I could handle. Nor did I want to start with a rigorous exercise program because of my habit of diving head first into things only to watch my interest wander and eventually cease.

These few weeks later I'm still on the M/W/F schedule with a few changes:

-I now aim for at least 50 pushups in 3 sets. Some days I do them as fast as I can, some days I do them slowly as painfully, just to keep things varied.
-Same 20 lb. dumbbells as before, but now I curl them for 3 sets of 15 reps. And the knowledge that brushing my teeth or washing my head in the shower afterwards will be a bitch only makes the pain that much sweeter.
-Arm raises (don't know the proper term) with a 15 lb. dumbbell for 3 sets of 6 reps. Fairly new addition, but also makes raising arms afterwards rather difficult.
-Wrist curls: 3x20 @ 20 lbs. I really need heavier weights.
-Horse stance for just over 1 minute. I've recently become interested in kung fu, so I've set a goal for myself. Before I think about taking any lessons I need to be able to hold a semi-decent horse stance for 5 minutes. For those who don't know, that's basically squatting down with your thighs parallel to the ground for 5 minutes, and it's not quite as easy as it sounds.

Of course I do various stretches to warm up and cool down, but I really need to expand this routine. Especially now that we're finally done redoing the living room. And although I haven't technically lost any weight, I have recently begun taking a tiny bit less of everything than I used to. So we'll see what happens....